How to get your Managers on Board

You have launched Officevibe, and your members are starting to share their feedback! Now is the time to emphasize the important role that your Team Managers play in making Officevibe a powerful tool in your organization.

This article will focus on how best to support managers in becoming more accountable and start taking on the responsibilities of Officevibe for their teams’ engagement.


1. Start from the top

Yes, lead by example! Executive Managers should set expectations by replying to their Directors' feedback and sharing their team results with their own direct reports. HR can also support the Executives while having these discussions with their teams so that all feedback starts getting responded to. 

Make sure your team managers know who to contact should they need help!


2. Position Officevibe as a leadership development tool

Bringing the comparison report into your management meetings will encourage brainstorming, idea building, and identifying strengths & other development opportunities. Checking scores for their teams against the company or benchmarked industries is a great way to get them into the habit. 


3. Integrate Officevibe with internal KPIs

Managers' feedback reply rate impacts the overall Officevibe participation rate. So setting a target feedback rate as a performance KPI for your managers could motivate them to engage with their team members, encouraging member participation.

We recommend that all feedback gets replied to, but if that's not realistic, we recommend focusing on constructive feedback by engaging in a conversation through open-ended questions.

Our new Feedback Participation Report can help track and improve your response rate.


3.1. Set your Goals

You can establish and follow up on specific Goals, using Officevibe to lay out clear expectations for how your Managers can use the platform to leverage objectives.


4. Find Officevibe Champions within the Organization

If a leader within the organization is fully onboard with Officevibe, have them share their experience with the tool and how it's helped them. This could help show other managers the benefits of using Officevibe.


5. What are the expectations of the team members?

The Executive/People Team could create a custom survey and ask the employees what they expect from their managers regarding Officevibe. Bringing clarity and setting expectations across the board will help adopt the tool. 

We recommend sharing the results once a month with your respective team(s) and giving your team members visibility to Officevibe's results via the Enable Team Visibility functionality in the Pulse Survey report.


6. Optimize the existing tools within Officevibe

Finally, we have several resources specifically for managers:

There are also tools within Officevibe that can help managers in the platform (such as:

The HR team can also create;

  • Custom Surveys
  • And/or 1-on-1 for managers to assist them and ensure consistency across the organization.


7. Leverage Internal Recognition

Send Good Vibes to your Champions to let them know you appreciate their efforts toward your organization's Members' Engagement.


We hope the above ideas can help your organization reach your People goals!

Should you have any questions, fill out this request form to get in touch with our Support team.