Feedback Participation Report

If you are an Officevibe Executive Manager, you may want to gain more insight into the rate at which  Team Managers in your Organization reply to Team Feedback We have just the report for you! 


Participation Report (Video): 

Feedback responses drive the desire for members to continue participating in Officevibe Surveys, and additionally, it makes space for conversations. Say a member leaves meaningful feedback and does not get a response; the desire to keep providing feedback will diminish. That said, you will want to respect and reciprocate the time and consideration your members have given to leaving feedback.


What you have access to 

As an Executive Manager:

  1. The overall Feedback response rate of my organization in the last 30 days.

  2. The Feedback response rate for all the teams of the organization in the last 30 days to identify which team has a high and a low score.

  3. The overall Feedback response rate for each team for constructive feedback - and eventually positive - in the last 30 days so that I can get managers to focus on improving the constructive feedback response rate score.

As a Team Manager:

  1. The overall Feedback response rate of all my team(s) in the last 30 days.

  2. The feedback response rate for each of my team(s) so that I’m empowered to answer the feedback.


Step 1: Access the Feedback Participation Report

When you access Officevibe, expand the sidebar menu, navigate to the Feedback tab to view the dropdown Submenu, and select Participation Report.



Step 2: Data Period 

The Feedback Participation Report will appear under the Response report. You will then gain insight into the Feedback response data over the Last_30_days.jpg



Step 3: Analyze the Graph 

The Feedback Participation Graph provides insight into the data you're looking for. You can view the global percentage for the amount of Feedback that Executive or Team Managers responded to in the Last_30_days.jpg

Below the graph is a percentage breakdown of; the amount of Feedback received in the past month, the constructive Feedback, and positive Feedback that was replied to.


Response Rate per Team 

If you choose to dissect a team's Feedback response rate, you can manually enter the Team name in the designated search bar just below the Graph. 



The report is generated daily, and Officevibe takes all the feedback left in the last 30 days. What is then examined is whether someone other than the feedback author has left a text or video reply for that feedback since then, which constitutes participation.