Good Vibes Customization

As mentioned in our Good Vibes user manual, this feature helps bring back the much-desired human connections we all need to thrive in the remote-first era of work by providing the chance to distribute recognition.

With Good Vibes customization, you can make the cards a fun representation of your organizational culture outside of our ready-to-use prompts!

Officevibe's ready-to-use card collection consists of the following sections: 

  1. Team player
  2. Positivity
  3. Excellence
  4. Leadership
  5. Showing up

That said, consider creating a collection around something exclusive to your company values, such as phrases, references to its history, or items emblematic of your industry.  


Step 1: How to Create your Collection 

When you are ready to begin customizing Good Vibes cards, click the settings icon at the top of your homepage and click Good Vibes under the Feature Customization box.


Click on + New Collection on the Good Vibes Settings page to create your own collection. 


Step 2: Best practices

Customized collections should reflect the ideals of your business. As a result, you'll be able to identify and encourage actions consistent with your culture and provide specific instances of how individuals live out your values in their daily work.

Examples: Radical Candor, Customer Focused, Excellence, Leadership, etc. 


Step 3: Create Cards of your Own 

Recognition prompts are for the whole organization; it's important to frame them inclusive of different roles, personality types, departments, cultures, etc.
The criteria for recognition should align with the company's purpose, brand, and culture and reflect its aspirational identity to inspire others.

Recognition prompts must also be precise enough to be easily identifiable and observable in your day-to-day.

Tying collections to important moments or events (Mental health month, Christmas, Halloween, Company Anniversary or milestones, etc.)
Make it fun and representative of your own organizational culture! Consider adding a collection around things unique to your business, such as expressions, links with the organization's story, or are representative of your industry.

E.g., many of the developers in your organization are Star Wars fans. Consider creating cards around that theme with prompts like "Who is your Luke Skywalker?".


  1. Who can you always count on?
  2. Who’s a great listener?
  3. Who makes your day instantly better?
  4. Editing/deleting cards.


Step 4: Manage your Collections 

You can manage your card collection with the simplicity of a toggle button if you ever choose to set specific cards as active or inactive.

To manage the cards easily, ensure you are under the Cards tab of the page.



Collection Details

Under the Details tab of the same page, we have made it easy for you to personalize the collection you have just created. 

You can now choose elements such as the; title, color, and image of your newly created Good Vibes card collection.

If you disable prompts in all collections, they will stop displaying the Good Vibes activity cards that sometimes appear at the end of the Pulse Survey. You will still be able to access all Good Vibes sent in the past or the option to send cards "From Scratch" within the platform, but otherwise, members will no longer be asked to provide recognition automatically.

Enjoy your creative process and collection while your peers enjoy the recognition - cheers!