Goals: Create and maintain them as a Team Member

Stay motivated at work by setting personal and professional goals that help you fulfill your responsibilities while keeping you moving forward in your career. When you create individual performance goals, you can develop skills, align with your team's goals, and ultimately make an impact in your organization.

Reach your full potential by creating and maintaining your goals in Officevibe.


Step 1: Get started in Officevibe

When you're ready to set your goals, click Goals from your homepage to access your goals page.

Screenshot of left menu


Whether under the Organization or Personal tabs, click EN_New_Goal.jpg to access the step-by-step goal-setting page. This is where you can create your team contribution or self-development SMART goal.

You will have the option to choose between; contribute to a team goal (visible to everyone), or develop myself (visible to select Managers). 


Step 2: Fill in your goal details

Starting at the top of the New self-development goal page:

  • Add a goal title.
  • Define your goal using the SMART formula.
  • Remember to link your self-development goal to a team or organization goal in the relevant section!
  • Make a list of action items that will help you achieve this goal.

If you need inspiration or help, you'll find examples and explanations for each step of the process.


Step 3: Create the goal

When you're finished, click EN_Create_Goal.jpg at the bottom of the page. The new goal will be posted to your Personal goals page.

Or, if you need more time, click EN_Save_as_Draft.jpg. The goal will be posted to your personal goals page as a draft you can return to your progress at any time by selecting that goal.


Step 4: Maintain your goal

Things change, but don't worry — you can return to a goal at any time to add more precision and edit its progress by selecting any created goal from your personal goals page.

Use the available filter options to help you narrow down the goal that requires updating. 



Here, you can mark action items as done, edit the goal details, and mark the goal as completed!


Step 5: Archive or delete your goal

When a goal is completed, we suggest archiving it so you can reflect on your work over time.

Click the kebab menu Kebab menu and select Archive from the options.


To find any goals you've archived, use the aforementioned filtering option above; personal tab > inactive > select desired goal >  click top-right archive box icon > unarchive. EN_Unarchived.jpg


Helpful tips

We would recommend that you collaborate with your Manager when you create goals. This helps ensure feedback is given and received before you begin working on your goal and guarantees you stay aligned with team and organization goals.

Self-development goals are only visible to managers and the member that created them. Other team members cannot see your goals.