How to Increase your Participation Rate

Whether you're new to Officevibe or you've been using the platform for some time, keeping your members engaged in the pulse survey is critical to ensuring you're getting a well-rounded idea of how your members feel.

So, how do you maintain or increase your participation rate? We have some tips below! 


Participation rate

Your Officevibe participation rate shows the percentage of members in your account actively participating in Pulse Surveys.

Check out Officevibe scores (calculated on a 90-day rolling average) to help you understand them in more depth.


Member Status + Sending reminders to inactive members

Members are considered Active if they have answered at least one survey question in the last 30 days, while Inactive members are users who have not. 

Members are considered Invited if they have received an invitation to join Officevibe but are yet to accept.

To encourage high participation rates, we must monitor the member status. Sending Reminder emails to members with the Invited and Inactive statuses helps boost your Officevibe participation rate.


Administrators can send reminder emails to Invited and Inactive members, while Executive  Managers and Team Managers can send reminders only to Inactive employees. 

Invitations to join Officevibe expire after 7 days for security reasons. If an invitation has expired, a new invitation can be sent by selecting the member(s) and clicking on the ''send reminder'' button.


Feedback Reply Rate

It is important to reassure Members who participate in surveys that their voices are heard. To encourage members to keep participating, Team Managers should reply to the Team feedback they receive every week. If feedback replies start to drop off, members will begin to feel less engaged in the process and lose interest in sharing their thoughts if they are not being addressed. 

You can use the quick filters in the feedback section to see your un-replied feedback to prioritize what is left to do. We recommend having all managers schedule an hour into their calendars to focus on feedback responses. 

When answering Feedback, it is important to remember these golden rules: 

  • Ask open-ended questions and respect anonymity.
  • Don’t take it personally.
  • Think it through: Never answer feedback on impulse.
  • Use plain language and a positive tone.

Our new Feedback Participation Report can help track and improve your response rate.


Having regular discussions about Officevibe results

Additionally, having Managers discuss Team results with the team encourages current and future participation from Team Members alike. It is also an essential component of The Officevibe Loop!

We suggest that Team Managers discuss their Officevibe scores monthly or quarterly with their teams. Ask your members to decide on the sub-metrics they want to flag and celebrate so they lead the discussion! 


Sharing Reports

Sharing reports at the organizational level, as well as the team level, is important for transparency and building trust. When members answer their pulse surveys, they should have access to their teams' reports to see how their teams are scoring. Members can bring up concerns or celebrate the metrics and sub-metrics by sharing the reports in the organization. 

This will also make discussing your Officevibe scores a breeze! 

Members will see the overall engagement score, the sub-metrics scores, and the eNPS score by toggling on the sharing for your teams. We will never share anything sensitive with them, like the participation rate, question breakdowns, or feedback. 


Scheduling Surveys

Another way to ensure that your members are set up for success is to encourage them to schedule their surveys at a time in their week that suits them best! In their personal settings, they can choose the day of the week, the time of day, and the delivery method they prefer for their Pulse Surveys. 

By encouraging your members to set this personal setting, they will always be prepared for when and how they can expect to receive their surveys. 


Survey Frequency

Since Officevibe is a Pulse Survey tool, the frequency of the surveys matters, we recommend having the survey frequency set to weekly or bi-weekly for the organization to ensure that your members are given a chance to answer their surveys.

Since the participation rate is calculated on a 30-day time frame, if your surveys are monthly and a member misses just 1 survey, they will be marked as Inactive, thus affecting your participation rate.

Administrators can manage the pulse survey frequency in the organization's settings. 


Keep discussing Officevibe with Managers!

We recommend discussing Officevibe expectations with the Managers within your Organization and the platform's anonymity with Members of your Organization.


Here are questions and best practices to discuss with Managers:

1. How often do you expect  Managers to share results with their Team(s)? Officevibe recommends results be shared once a month. Managers can share results with their team at any time by enabling team visibility of the Pulse Survey Report under the report tab.
2. Do you expect Managers to reply to all Feedback? Officevibe recommends aiming to reply to as much feedback as possible, focusing on the constructive labels in-app.
3. How often should Managers reply to feedback? Officevibe recommends blocking time once a week and allocating this time to Team Members.
4. How often should Managers meet their employees for 1-on-1s? Officevibe recommends meeting every 2 weeks.
5. Who is accountable for defining Goals? Officevibe recommends a mixed approach of Organizational Goals set by Executive Managers and Team Goals defined by Team Managers.
6. Who is accountable for defining Individual Goals? Officevibe recommends that employees set individual goals and validate them with the managers during a 1-on-1 meeting.
7. Who can the Manager contact if they need assistance? Officevibe recommends letting Managers know the administrators work internally, as well as sharing the Officevibe support email.


Feel free to look at our Administrator Toolbox and Manager's Toolbox for more insight! Remember, we are here to help... always!