HRIS Integration

To facilitate your account setup, we have created an Integration with over 25 HRIS platforms, allowing you to mirror your member list in Officevibe easily. The Daily Sync feature will also remove any members who are no longer in your HR management system from your Officevibe account.

With HRIS integration, you can: 

  • Complete your provisioning with the preferred HR system (user invitation & deactivation).
  • Add & Remove Members.
  • Match Members' Emails, Names, Profile Pictures, and Properties. 
  • Sync properties (Company, Date of Birth, Department, Ethnicity, Gender, Hire date, Marital Status, Termination Date, and Work Location).

Additionally, the HRIS integration syncs all employees within your employees list to Officevibe. This includes any contractors and temporary employees. 



Set Up Your Integration

Merge helps you set up your HRIS integrations easily and seamlessly.

A full Administrator of your HRIS and your Officevibe account must set up the integration.

To get started, you will need to set up authentication for your integration with the HRIS platform. Follow the link to your HRIS platform for instructions:

Azure, Google Workspace, Jumpcloud, Okta, OneLogin, and PingOne are unsupported.


Filter the Employment Type in your Provisioning 

Depending on the HR system, the employment type options may be broad. However, you will need to be connected to your preferred HRIS system to display the options.

The initial list will be shorter than the one appearing after you are fully connected to your HR system, and the default setting will appear as "Everyone." 

You can then;

  1. Configure employees to include in the integration. 
  2. Select options before connecting to the HR system.
  3. Have the opportunity to include or exclude multiple options.


How to Set up Your HRIS Integration in Officevibe

1. Activate the Integration 

To get started, go to your Organization's settings - Integrations (under Accounts). Under the Provisioning tab, click the Configure button next to the HRIS Platform option and select your platform from the list.


You can exclude part of your workforce by selecting only some member types under "Choose which members to import."



Once you've completed the above step, you'll be asked to enter your subdomain or credentials to proceed.


Some HRIS may ask for an API key instead at this step. You can find detailed guides on how to acquire your API key here.

You are in control of the data you share. Any Administrator on the account can limit permissions via the API key to restrict sensitive organizational information from being transferred by default from HRIS > Third-Party system altogether.


2. Pull properties from your HRIS fields (optional)

Certain Properties can be created by importing the values from your HRIS user pages. Simply enable the setting and select which fields you wish to import.

EN Import Properties.jpg

A third-party system (Merge) is used to relay information from your HRIS to Officevibe and the opposite (from Officevibe to your HRIS). For security reasons and to protect your more sensitive data, eight properties are filtered and never make their way to our platform, e.g., salary, as the third-party system immediately deletes all data which you haven't selected to transfer to Officevibe.


3. Choose how to Activate Members

You can choose to either create Members and invite them after the sync is turned on or at a later date or create and invite your Members once the sync is turned on.


All Members in your HRIS that have the Active status will be added to Officevibe - there is no way to pick and choose specific Teams of Members with this specific Integration.


4. Invite Members and Map your Teams 

Invite some of your Members via your selected integration platform — select departments, cost centers, teams, and more to join your Officevibe account. This is a process ideal for progressive rollouts.

The Invitation language will be sent based on the organization details' default language. There is no way to personalize the invitation language for now.


Map your Teams to Officevibe by selecting departments, cost centers, Teams, and more. By doing so, a Member will be added to the designated Team as they get added to Officevibe.



5. Turn on the Daily Sync

You can only turn on the Daily Sync if you fill in the basic email field that comes with your HRIS account.

You are now all set to turn on the Daily Sync. You will need to click the Save Settings button at the bottom-left to ensure the sync will run the next day effectively. 

If you prefer to activate the sync immediately without waiting for it to run, you can manually push it by clicking the Start Sync button. 


A sync can always be deactivated by clicking the red Disconnect button at the bottom.