Communication Template: Communicate the arrival of an OKR cycle


(COMPANY NAME) wants to improve and grow as a company, and we firmly believe that this cannot be achieved without engaged employees and clearly defined goals.  

We want to focus on developing continuous conversations between employees and their managers, and Officevibe is going to help us to identify areas to focus on. It will give you and your team members a shared space for purposeful goal setting, coaching, and meaningful conversations. 

What do we expect from you as a manager? 

  • Build your goals  
  • Communicate them with your team – Consider hosting a meeting with your team(s) to open the conversation and set expectations around goal-setting
  • Add talking points about goals into your 1-1s  
  • Help your team members to develop their individual goals and align them to company or team goals. 

How is it going to help you? 

Goals with OKRs will help you to keep track of the goals that we are all working towards and help you to ensure your team goals are well aligned with the Organizational Goals.  

Next steps? 

Wait for us to create the Organizational Goals – You will be tagged in some goals soon! 

Communicate with your team members that we will be starting a new OKR goal-setting cycle, so they are prepared to create their individual goals too!  

For help navigating OKRs in Officevibe, please refer to this article on the help center:  
Goals and OKrs in Officevibe 
If you have any other questions, please contact (NAME OF CONTACT)