Give your Peers Recognition

Good Vibes by Officevibe helps bring back the much-needed human connections we all need to thrive in the remote-first era of work.

It makes it fun and easy to recall and identify behaviors and characteristics worthy of praise, allowing Team Members to flex their recognition muscles. It also highlights the small victories, good deeds, and kind words that may otherwise go unnoticed by managers and team leaders, especially when working remotely. 


How does it Work? 

Here are the few steps to consider on the journey to sending your peers the recognition that you feel they deserve. 


Step 1: Complete your regular Officevibe Pulse Survey. 



Step 2: A window will appear, offering you the opportunity to make someone's day. 



Step 3: Shuffle the recognition cards or choose to skip this step until your next Pulse Survey.



Step 4: Assess the card categories.



Step 5: Take in what your Good Vibes form looks like. 



Step 6: Fill out your Good Vibes card.



Step 7: The card has been sent out and you're officially done making someone's day!