1-on-1: Take action on your meeting as a Workleap Officevibe Team Member

With 1-on-1s in Officevibe, you can easily set up meetings with your manager to talk about anything from task planning to difficult conversations. Our templates help you create talking points and action items depending on the general discussion you want. Officevibe can then help you schedule any meetings you create.

Accessing Your 1-on-1s

To access your 1-on-1s, click 1-on-1s from the lefthand menu.

The 1-on-1s page shows you all your upcoming and past meetings, along with any meetings you're in the process of creating yourself.

For each 1-on-1, you can see when it's scheduled for, how many talking points are in the meeting, and who the meeting is with.

Creating a New 1-on-1

You can create a 1-on-1 by building off of a template or starting from scratch. Click New 1-on-1 at the top-right corner of the page to get started.

You can choose whether to start with one of Officevibe's templates or from scratch.

Editing a 1-on-1

The editor lets you fully customize your 1-on-1 agenda. Here's what you can do:

Create sections and time estimates

To organize your talking points, create sections by clicking Add section at the bottom of the editor. A new field appears for you to enter the section title. To put in a time estimate for the talking points in that section, click the clock icon on the right-hand side and select a duration.

Add talking points

At the bottom of the editor, click Add talking point to add a field where you can enter a new talking point.

Add private notes

Click the kebab menu to the right of any talking point to add a private note to it (meaning it will only be visible to you). Once you've added a note, a note icon will appear next to the talking point. Click it to view or edit the note.

Get suggestions

Click Suggestions at the bottom of the editor to open a menu on the right-hand side showing a list of general topics you might want to discuss. Expand any of them to see a list of talking points. If any of them look good to you, click it and it'll be added to your agenda. You can edit the talking point as needed.

Manage the items you've added

Hover over any item you've added to the agenda to see the insert/reordering controls.

  • Click one of the insert buttons (+) to quickly add a talking point above or below.
  • Click and drag the grab bar to move the item up or down.
  • To delete an item, click the kebab menu on the right-hand side of an item and select the delete option.

Save your work-in-progress

Click Save for later at the bottom of the page to save the in-progress agenda. You can select it from the list on the 1-on-1s page when you're ready to either continue editing it or start a meeting with it.

Invite a Manager to collaborate

Click Invite to collaborate to invite a manager to edit the agenda with you.

Scheduling the Meeting

From the list on the 1-on-1s page, hover over one of the agendas you've saved. If you haven't yet invited a manager to collaborate, you'll see that option on the right side. Select a manager from the pop-up window.

You'll be taken to the editor again. The manager can edit the agenda with you, or you can go ahead and click Schedule 1-on-1. When you click it, you can choose whether to integrate with a Google calendar (Premium accounts only) or manually in Officevibe:

If you select the Google calendar option:

  1. Go to the Google calendar you want to link to and schedule an event for the appropriate date and time, as well as if and when the meeting recurs. Don't select the "All day" option. Name the event something you'll recognize.
  2. Go back to Officevibe and select the Google calendar option. You'll be prompted to log into your Google account and grant the required permissions to Officevibe (if you haven't in the past).
  3. Officevibe will then list the upcoming events that are in your Google account. Select one of them to link the 1-on-1 to it. If you make changes to that event from your Google calendar, the changes will automatically be reflected in Officevibe.

See Calendar integration if you need more information.

Google calendar integration is available for Premium accounts only.

If you're manually scheduling the meeting in Officevibe:

A popup appears for you to fill out the scheduling details. You can download the ICS file to save the event as a file that you can import into your Google calendar or other calendar application that supports ICS files. This lets you see (but not change) the event date and time.


Starting and Working Through a Meeting

From the 1-on-1s page, click any meeting from the list you've invited a manager to. The agenda opens and is ready for you to work through.

Click the circular checkbox next to each talking point as you go through them to keep track of where you are. If you added any notes to your talking points, you'll see them in yellow. Only you will see these notes!

You can edit the agenda during your meeting! The editor is still fully functional for you and your manager.

When you're done the meeting, you can add a summary, overall private notes, and action items. These options are at the bottom of the page.

Click Wrap up to mark the meeting as complete.

If the meeting is scheduled to recur, you'll see the dates of previous occurrences under the title of the meeting. Click on one to view the details of the meeting that took place on that date.