1-on-1: Take action on your meeting as Workleap Officevibe Team Member

Officevibe is a simple platform that makes it easier to open conversations with your Manager, to help align your Team Goals and build relationships!

Click the 1-on-1 tab from the lefthand menu of your Officevibe account or directly on your homepage:  



What you can do in your 1-on-1 section

Whether personal or organizational, when there are discussions around Goals, it can be daunting. That said, we have included the ability for Team Members to break goals down into simple Action Items, making success achievable and easier for you to track in your recurring 1-on-1 meetings.


Here is what you can accomplish with the 1-on-1 feature:

  • Start and wrap up the meeting.
  • Prepare your agenda before inviting the Manager.
  • Add action items.
  • Add wrap-up notes.
  • Access the dedicated 1-on-1 templates.
  • View archives of past meetings.

Initiate discussions yourself, be in charge of your own alignment, and happy meetings!