Good Vibes user manual

This user manual is here to help you prepare for and make the most of our peer-to-peer recognition tool - Officevibe's Good Vibes.


Good Vibes for Managers (Video): 


Why Good Vibes?

Good Vibes helps bring back the much-desired human connections we all need to thrive in the remote-first era of work. It makes it fun and easy to recall and identify behaviors and traits worthy of a celebration to help team members leverage their recognition muscle. The tool also surfaces the little wins, good deeds, and kind words that may otherwise go unseen by Team and Executive Managers, especially while working remotely. 


How it works

Good Vibes automatically appear once a Pulse Survey has been completed. 

Good Vibes will NOT appear if a Custom Survey or Smart Question is also present for that Pulse Survey instance.





Any Member of your Organization using Officevibe is eligible to receive recognition and provide recognition after completing their Pulse Survey. 

One Good Vibes card can be sent per Pulse Survey completion and is only visible to; the sender, the receiver, and their Team Managers. 

Good Vibes are meant to be read and appreciated. No other actions are required

Completing a Good Vibes card is not required to complete the Pulse Survey and can be skipped without impacting the survey participation score.

Recognition can also be given by launching Good Vibes via the “+ New Card” button in the Good Vibes section of the app. See the Team Manager and Team Member view sections below for more details.


Recognition Cards 

With Good Vibes, peers recognize each other via recognition cards. There are 57 cards with pre-written prompts that create a frame for positive memories to which Members can add custom messages. 

Members can shuffle through these cards until they find one that helps them express how they feel about one of their peers. 




A few examples of Prompts: 

  • Who can you always count on?
  • Who's been a ray of sunshine lately? 
  • Who's this week's MVP? 

Each card is associated with a category and is color-coded accordingly. The card categories are the following: 

  • Team player
  • Positivity
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Showing up

The prompts, category, and custom message are all visible on the card. 


Team Manager View 

Managers can view the Good Vibes received by their members at any time by visiting the member's profile or through the "Teams" filter. Managers can also view their Good Vibes by visiting the "Good Vibes" section in the left navigation bar or their "Personal" filter. 



Managers can react to the Good Vibes card received by their members by hovering the mouse over the card and then selecting the emoji reaction. These emojis are visible to their Team members as reactions on Officevibe.



Managers can also launch Good Vibes and send recognition via the “+ New Card” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Good Vibes section. Additionally, Team managers can also send recognition by using the “Send Good Vibes” button on their manager home page.



Every time one of their Members receives a new recognition card, the Team Manager receives a notification via email (or Slack/Teams, if the integration has been activated).


Team Member View 

Team members can view Good Vibes received and sent by accessing the Good Vibes section's left-hand navigation bar. New cards must be clicked to be opened, creating a moment of celebration revealing a message from their peer. 

Team members can also launch Good Vibes and send recognition via the “+ New Card” button in the upper right-hand corner, as seen below.



Card prompts will be changed to statements and feature the receiver's name, e.g., who can you always count on? Jane is someone I can always count on.

Every time a Member receives a new recognition card, a notification is sent via email (or Slack/Teams if the integration has been activated). 


How to Prepare your Team 

Good Vibes is a simple and fun way to generate recognition within your Teams and can be used as your first recognition tool or to supplement your existing program. 


Here are a few things you can try to ready your Team Managers: 

  • Circulate this user manual.
  • Set expectations like: 
    • Give recognition via Good Vibes early and often.
    • Discuss recognition during 1-on-1s.
    • Have Team rituals around recognition, e.g., a monthly recognition award.
  • Read our Employee recognition revisited guide.
  • Create a custom survey asking how your organization can better use Good Vibes.




Q: Can I opt out of using the peer-to-peer recognition tool for my Organization altogether? 

A: No. There is no way to turn off the feature. If you prefer not to use it, you will need to communicate this decision internally.


Q: Are Good Vibes anonymous? 

A: No. The identity of the sender and receiver is revealed to both parties and their Team Managers. 


Q: Can Good Vibes be skipped? 

A: Yes. Good Vibes participation is not required and can be skipped without affecting the survey participation rate. 


Q: Can a card be deleted after it has been sent? 

All parties with access to a specific Good Vibes card will now also be able to remove them completely.


Q: Is this a time limit to how long I can view my Good Vibes? 

A: There is a 30-day limit on the visibility of your Good Vibes, but this is only applicable if your organization uses the free version of Officevibe.