Good Vibes user manual

Good Vibes are interactive recognition cards that can be sent to any member of the organization, viewable to the sender, the recipient, and their managers. This makes it fun and easy to celebrate little wins, good deeds, and kind words that may otherwise go unseen by Team and Executive Managers, especially while working remotely.

Good Vibes are a core feature of Officevibe and cannot be disabled entirely.

Managers can customize Good Vibes.

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Sending Good Vibes

You can send Good Vibes manually from the Home page. You are also prompted to send Good Vibes automatically when you complete a Pulse Survey.

Good Vibes after a Pulse Survey

After completing a Pulse Survey, the Good Vibes screen automatically appears and presents you with a card containing a positive message. You can shuffle through the cards until you find one that helps you express how you feel about one of your peers.

(You can also click Skip if you don't want to send a Good Vibe. Good Vibes participation is always optional and can be skipped without affecting your survey participation rate.)

The Good Vibes prompt will only appear after completing a Pulse Survey if the Pulse Survey does not contain a Custom Survey or Smart Question. Also, the Good Vibes prompt will not appear if all Good Vibes collections are disabled.

Good Vibes from the Home page

To send a Good Vibe from the Home page, click Send Good Vibes in the middle of the page. The Good Vibes page displays all the card templates available. Click on one that helps you express how you feel about one of your peers.

Sending the Good Vibes card

When you find a card you like, click it to open it up and choose who to send it to. You can also write your own message to go along with the pre-written content on the card. This is optional, but recommended! It's always nice to receive something with a personal touch. The pre-written text will change to include the name of the recipient. (For example, "Who are you grateful for" becomes "John is someone I am grateful for.")

Once you click Send, the recipient and their managers will be able to view your Good Vibes (and also see that it is from you).

If your organization uses the free version of Officevibe, Good Vibes are only visible for 30 days after they've been sent.

Receiving Good Vibes

When someone sends you a new Good Vibe, you'll receive a notification via email (or Slack/Teams, if the integration has been activated). If you are a manager, you'll also receive a notification when one of your team members receives a new Good Vibe.

To see your Good Vibes, click Good Vibes from the side menu.

Viewing your personal Good Vibes

Personal Good Vibes are those sent directly to you, or those you have sent.

Non-managers will immediately see Personal Good Vibes. Managers can view personal Good Vibes by clicking the Personal tab.

Good Vibes that you have already viewed are displayed plainly, but new Good Vibes are concealed in an envelope.

Click and hold an envelope to reveal the message!

new good vibe surprise.gif

Viewing Good Vibes for the team (Managers Only)

These are the Good Vibes sent to members of your team(s).

Click the Teams tab. Use the first drop-down menu to select one of the teams you manage, then use the second drop-down menu to select the timeframe. The cards that fit your selected criteria will be displayed.

Viewing Good Vibes for a specific team member (Managers Only)

Click on the search bar in the side menu to open the search window, then enter the member's name and select them from the list to access their profile.

Click the Good Vibes tab to see the Good Vibes they've received from others. You can also send a Good Vibes card directly to that team member by clicking the New Card button on the page.

Interacting With Good Vibes Cards

You can do the following actions with Good Vibes cards:

  • View in full: Click on a card to see it in full.
  • React: Hover over a card to see a list of reaction emojis. Click one to paste it onto the card. Both you and your peer (and your managers) will be able to see it.
  • Reply: Click the kebab menu ( ) in the top-right corner of a card and select Reply.
  • Delete: Click the kebab menu ( ) in the top-right corner of a card and select Delete. This deletes the card for everybody.

How to Prepare your Team

Good Vibes is a simple and fun way to generate recognition within your Teams and can be used as your first recognition tool or to supplement your existing program. 

Here are some tips to make effective use of Good Vibes: 

  • Circulate this user manual.
  • Set expectations like: 
    • Give recognition via Good Vibes early and often.
    • Discuss recognition during 1-on-1s.
    • Have Team rituals around recognition, such as a monthly recognition award.
  • Create a custom survey asking how your organization can better use Good Vibes.