Communication Template: Reminder of Manager Resources

As you know, we will be launching Officevibe within the organization, on (DATE). We are looking forward to this and are counting on your full support to make this deployment successful!

Ensuring that our Managers use Officevibe effectively is a key element for long-term success. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you watch Officevibe's manager trainings. You can take a look at the Manager's Toolbox for extra guidance.

The purpose of this training is to share with you the necessary knowledge, guidelines, and best practices to effectively use Officevibe for yourself and your team. You can reach out to should you have any technical questions about the platform.

Remember that this tool is built to help managers get closer to their teams and make informed decisions based on engagement metric results. We suggest that you take some time to meet with your team, discuss the launch of this initiative, and answer any questions your team members may have regarding anonymity.

If you need any further information to lead your team meeting, please contact me, I will be happy to help!