Workleap Officevibe Launch: FAQs


Q1. Do you have a guide to help me launch Officevibe?

Absolutely! You can follow the steps here: Launch Guide for your Officevibe Paid Plan Account!

Why it may be beneficial to choose our PRO plan...


Q2. When will the invitations go out?

By default, the invitations go out as soon you; add someone to Officevibe, activate a provisioning integration, or import the bulk file. You can also create the Member's profile before sending an invitation. The option to activate/deactivate the automatic invitation emails is found in the Settings > Organization details section. 


Q3. How do I launch the surveys?

You will be prompted to launch the surveys by inviting a third member. The first surveys are attached to the invitation emails, after which they will be sent automatically each cycle.
What Surveys Look Like - Try it for Yourself! 


Q4. Can I turn off the Officevibe surveys?

Yes. You can activate/deactivate them, change the frequency, and customize some words via the Settings > Pulse survey section. 


Q5. When will members get their first surveys?

Members' first survey will be attached to their invitation if you've activated them in the Settings > Pulse Survey section. 


Q6. How many questions will go out in the first survey?

The first survey will include 10 questions if you have picked the weekly or bi-weekly frequency but include 20 questions if you've chosen the monthly frequency. 


Q7. How can members edit their settings (communication, picture, etc.)?

Everyone can access their personal settings via their profile icon in the top right corner of the platform.


Q8. What to do if a Member has not received their invitation?

Verify with your IT that Officevibe communications are on the allowlist: IT Requirements to Use Officevibe.


Q9. What to do if the invitation link has expired?

You can send a reminder with a new link via Settings > Members section in-app. Click on more filters, select invited, and select the members you want to send this reminder to.


Q10. How long until OV survey links sent to Members expire?

All OV survey links expire after 14 days. Members can also launch the pulse survey by logging into Officevibe and clicking the Take Survey button on the homepage.


Q11. How long until OV invite links sent to Members expire?

Member invite links to Officevibe expire after 7 days. After the link expires, executive managers can send a reminder that will contain a new link to join Officevibe.


Q12. What to do if a Member does not remember their password?

Members can request a new password here.


Q13. What to do if an email is associated with another account?

Fill out this request form to get in touch with our Support team.


Q14. Can I remove specific questions?

No, the questions are the same to offer an external benchmark. You can create your own Custom Surveys or customize Pulse Survey questions directly in-app.


Q15. Can I merge Officevibe accounts?

Yes, all data will remain intact. Contact us to discuss it more info here: Merging Accounts.

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Q1. How to manage a Member's permission(s)?

You can manage Members' permissions from the Settings > Members section in-app. Review the different levels of permissions here.


Q2. How to set up my Team's structure?

The best practice is to create a Team for each Manager (direct reports). Afterward, you can combine teams to replicate the organizational structure working your way up to the top.

E.g. Team A + Team B + Team C = Department ABC. More information on structuring your teams can be found here.


Q3. Can a Member be in more than 1 team?

Yes, they will only receive one survey, but their answers will influence all the Teams they are part of until they roll up to the Organization's results. 


Q4. Can a team have more than 1 manager? 

Yes, all team managers will have access to the Team's results, feedback, and members. 


Q5. What access should be provided to the IT personnel?

Your IT should have Administrator access. They won't see results but will have access to the account's settings.


Q6. How to send reminders to the Members?

You can send reminders to inactive/invited Members via the Settings > Members section in-app. An Administrator can filter to see the inactive/invited Members. A Manager can filter to see their Team Members in-app and those invited.


Q7. Can reminders be customized?

Yes, you will have the option to customize the reminder that is sent out. 


Q8. What is the minimum size for a Team?

To see engagement metrics, at least 3 active members must have answered a survey. You need 5 Members of a team to view anonymous feedback. All details are here.


Q9. Can I edit the Teams after the Launch is completed?

Yes, you can edit the team's members and managers anytime. Results will always stay in the Team Members were part of when they answered their survey. A newly created Team will start with no results. 


Q10. Will a Team manager have access to the Sub-Teams?

Yes, Team Managers can filter results for all Sub-Teams that are part of their hierarchy. 


Q11. Should the Manager be a part of their Team?

No. Managers should not be set as Members of the Team(s), or they will influence their Team(s) scores. 


Q12. What will happen if a Member answers more questions?

We bring the scores back to an individual level before calculating the averages. We also only consider the latest answer to a question. In short, you will have reliable scores faster. 

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Q1. Will all Members get the same questions as one another?

No, Officevibe sends personalized Surveys for each Member based on their previous participation and for any metrics that need more data. We will not ask a Member the same question within 3 months. 


Q2. How long does it take for scores to be reliable?

After 5 weeks, all Members will have provided an answer for all 26 sub-metrics. 


Q3. Where can the Survey frequency be updated?

You can change the survey frequency in your account Settings > Pulse Surveys. Each survey frequency has a default number of questions: 5 per week, 10 per two weeks, and 20 per month. 


Q4. Where to see scores for a Team?

Scores will only display if at least 3 active Members have answered a Survey since the Team's creation date — learn more about Officevibe & Anonymity.


Q5. What happens to the data if a Member changes Teams?

The old data will remain in the old Team. New answers and Feedback will go to the new Team. 


Q6. Can I edit the Officevibe Survey questions?

Yes. You can Customize Pulse Survey questions via Settings > Pulse Survey section. 


Q7. Can I create my own survey questions?

Yes, you can create your own surveys via our Custom Surveys feature.  


Q8. How often will the questions repeat?

It takes 6 months for a Member to review the standard Officevibe Pulse Survey questions. We also don't ask a Member the same question within 3 months. 


Q9. What happens if a Member answers more questions?

All Team Members have the same weight in the scores' calculation. Only the most recent answer to a question is counted. 


Q10. How are engagement scores calculated?

Engagement scores are calculated over a 90-day rolling average — more info here.


Q11. Do all metrics have the same weight?

No. Some metrics have more weight than others in calculating the Engagement score. We verified the methodology with Deloitte — it's our secret sauce!


Q12. How do I determine where the Team that Feedback comes from?

You have access to the smallest team linked to feedback belongs to, corresponding to anonymity rules in the Feedback section. Additionally, you can also filter for a specific team's feedback. 


Q13. When should the Team Managers start replying to Feedback?

As soon as possible. Managers should inform Team Members when and how frequently they will reply to the Feedback. 


Q14. Will Managers get a notification when new Feedback needs to be reviewed?

Yes, the notification is sent daily by default, but managers can change this in their personal settings


Q15. Where do I define the labels for the feedback?

Administrators can define labels in the Account Settings. Members won't see the labels that team Managers add to feedback. 

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GOALS and 1-on-1s

Q1. Where to edit Team Goals?

You can create and edit Team Goals via the side menu's Goals section. 


Q2. Where to edit Individual Goals?

You can create and edit a Member's goal by selecting the Member on the left navigation bar. 


Q3. How to retrieve past 1-on-1s with a Member?

You can retrieve past 1-on-1s by clicking on the Member on the left navigation bar. Only the manager and Member will have access to see them. 


Q4.  Can 1-on-1s be recurring?

Yes, you can set the date, time, and frequency of your 1-on-1 at creation. You can then export the calendar event to share it with the Member. 


Q5. Can Managers add notes to their 1-on-1s?

Yes, Team managers can add a shared note to recap the meeting and a private note for themselves. 


Q6. Where to see Action Items for a Member?

You can see all action items set for a Member by selecting their profile on the left navigation bar. 

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Q1. What is the difference between a Team and a Segment?

Teams allow Team Managers to take ownership of their results by replying to Feedback and discussing action plans with Team Members. 

Segments allow HR professionals to test ad-hoc hypotheses to find precise engagement opportunities for a Segment of the workforce. 


Q2. How to bulk assign proprieties?

To bulk assign proprieties, you'll want to create them first via the Settings > Proprieties section. Afterward, you can populate the Bulk Provisioning file with everyone's information. Once you upload, the properties will be assigned to each user. 


Q3. Do all the segments need to be created in advance?

No, they can be created as needed. When Segments are created, Officevibe will recalculate the historical Engagement trends and bring forward Members' feedback that matches the Segment's conditions. 


Q4. Can I give a manager visibility on the results of a segment?

Yes, you can create a rule-based team from a Segment by clicking on the Segment you wish to create a Team from and then selecting Create a team from this segment. From there, you can assign a Manager to that Team, and the membership will be mapped to the Segment. 

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Q1. Where to track Participation?

Participation rates are tracked over the last 30 days and can be found in the Surveys > Pulse Surveys and click Participation view above the graph section in-app. 


Q2. Where to compare Engagement Scores across Teams and to other Officevibe clients?

You can compare your scores via the Comparison report. The first row shows you the benchmarked data.


Q3. Where to see where Feedback was replied to?

You can see the total amount of feedback in a Team or the Organization via the Feedback section using the filtering options and selecting replied


Q4. How to know if Managers have 1-on-1s with their Team Members?

You can track the percentages of 1-on-1s completed for all team managers via the Reports > 1-on-1 section or we have made it easier to do so via our Feedback Participation Report

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Q1. Can the results be shared with Members?

Yes, you can give team members visibility on the results with the Share Officevibe results with your Team(s). 


Q2. How to share the Engagement Report with someone else outside of Officevibe?

You can share a snapshot of your engagement report using the public link feature at the top of the Engagement dashboard. People with access to the link will be able to add comments. 


Q3. How often should Team Managers discuss results with their team?

We recommend that Managers discuss results with their team members every month. 


Q4. How often should Team Managers have 1-on-1 meetings with their Team Members?

We recommend that Team Managers meet with each team member every other week. 


Q5. Can a Manager ask another Manager for help in-app?

Yes, Managers can share a public link to obtain Feedback on their Engagement scores. Managers can also share Feedback if they need advice. Additionally, the Comparison Report is a good way to brainstorm action plans between Managers. 


Q6. How to create templates for Team Managers?

You can save your own organization templates for Custom Surveys and 1-on-1s with Team Managers.


Q7. Is there a virtual training?

If you are an Administrator, check out our Administrator Toolbox.
Managers can watch our training capsules via this link: Officevibe Training for Managers

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