Communication Template: Announce the Arrival to Members

Welcome to the beginning of your Officevibe experience! As an organization, (COMPANY NAME) wants employees to be a part of building a greater workplace that focuses on people first. We genuinely want to see all our people grow and succeed within their teams.

That is why we are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of Officevibe, an online platform that helps create and maintain engaged, happy and successful teams!

You are probably wondering what this means for you, and since your participation is crucial to the success of this project, we have listed a few things you need to know below.

What’s in it for You?

By answering Officevibe Surveys and sharing feedback on a continued basis, you are providing timely and valuable information - contributing directly to improving your work environment.

Your participation will mean responding to a few simple Officevibe survey questions every (WEEK/OTHER WEEK/MONTH). The survey questions will prompt opportunities to leave written feedback, as well, if you choose to provide further detail.

The Officevibe 1-on-1 feature gives you and your manager a shared space for purposeful goal setting, coaching, and meaningful conversations. Your 1-on-1 meetings will now be scheduled through this feature in Officevibe! It provides a clear agenda made of talking points that both you and your manager can decide upon together.

Is this really anonymous?

Officevibe believes that anonymous surveys help create a safe space to share honest thoughts.

To preserve your anonymity, the answers of all members of a team are aggregated and then converted into scores. These scores are presented to managers in Officevibe Reports. It is important that you know that your written feedback will be anonymous by default in Officevibe. Nobody, not even the Officevibe team, is able to identify the author of anonymous feedback.

To know more about how anonymity works in Officevibe, look at this article: Officevibe and Anonymity.

Next steps?

On (LAUNCH DATE), you will receive an invitation to join Officevibe.

Upon accepting, you will be asked to complete an initial 10-question survey.

Once you have completed your survey, your job is done…until the next easy survey comes!

Your manager will receive your responses along will all the responses from the other members of your team and start replying to feedback within the next few (DAYS/WEEKS).

Stay tuned for another email closer to the launch date, which will give you some more details on Officevibe. We will make (COMPANY NAME) an even greater place to work and your participation will be crucial to achieving this goal!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your direct manager.

For questions about the Officevibe tool, fill out this request form to get in touch with our Support team.