Communication Template: Post-Launch Check-in

We have now officially launched Officevibe, you should have received an invitation by email already!

Please remember that Officevibe is designed to increase employee engagement and contribute to the cultural success within (COMPANY NAME). You will be given the opportunity to have your voices heard and give direct feedback to your manager anonymously. It is your time to shine - YOU matter!

What is expected of you?

Please make sure to complete all necessary steps, which should not take longer than 2 minutes. This will bring you to the first survey of 10 questions. Make sure you quickly accept the invitation, as the link is only active for 7 days. If you have not received your invitation, or if the link expired, please reach out to (NAME OF CONTACT).

Once you have completed the registration steps and have answered your first survey, you will immediately have access to the Officevibe platform. Make sure that your personal profile is set up as desired. This is where you can choose how and when you'd like to receive the surveys moving forward.

Please make sure that you regularly answer the surveys that are sent out to you (5 QUESTIONS EVERY WEEK, 10 QUESTIONS EVERY 2 WEEKS, 20 QUESTIONS ONCE A MONTH). This is your opportunity to voice out any concerns, dissatisfaction or satisfaction.

Your manager will make sure to answer your feedback, share results on a regular basis and schedule your 1-on-1 meetings. As this is a new tool that you are now implementing within (COMPANY NAME), we ask that you kindly be patient for the first couple of weeks as there will be an adjustment period for everyone.

Should you have any questions/concerns or encounter any issues while using our platform, please reach out to (NAME OF CONTACT).

At any time, you can also reach out directly to Officevibe at


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