Implementation Checklist for Administrator

Ready to launch Officevibe? 

We put together this nine-step checklist to help you get started with Officevibe. 


Log into

You should have received an email to access the tool. If not, try to reset your password.


Reset your password:

the account

Personalize the account with your company name, logo, industry, default language and time zone.

Organization Settings

the surveys

You can decide what frequency of surveys you prefer and customize some of the words displayed in the question.

Managing Survey Frequency

Announce the
arrival of

Prepare your communication plan using the Officevibe templates.

Announce the Arrival of Officevibe (Communication Plan with Templates)

Build your
bulk import file

List all the employees and the direct manager in the file.

Invite Members & Structure Teams in Bulk (CSV FILE)

Share the training materials and resources with
the managers

Officevibe offers Live Webinar for managers and built guides for managers align with our best practices.

Manager's Toolbox

Import your bulk import file on
the system

Get everyone on the system and create the first level of teams.

Import Employees in Bulk

Create the departments, business units
and other
hierarchy levels

Combine teams to replicate the organizational structure working your way up the hierarchy.

Creating & Managing Your Teams & Sub-Teams

Launch the

It’s time! Invite the employees to create their Officevibe profile and complete their first survey.

Managing Your Members

Give access to

Empower your manager to take actions with their team.

Members' Roles & Access Rights


You made it! 

But it doesn't end here. Here are additional steps to get the most of the pulse approach offered by Officevibe: 


Monitor adoption and support the managers

Keep on eye on the participation rate, the engagement scores, the reply rate to feedback, the number of goals set, and the number of 1-on-1s completed.

Track your Success with Officevibe!


Activate an integration (optional)

Officevibe can integrate with different systems to help with user management.

Integrations Available With Officevibe


Plan the first Officevibe stats review with the employees

Discuss results with employees and involve them in the action planning phase.

Sharing Officevibe Results with Your Team within Officevibe


Assess the evolution of engagement

Check if your initiatives are working. Maintain your strength and address opportunities for growth.

Comparison, Benchmarking, and Variation for your Scores


Create segments of employees based on proprieties

You can isolate a specific segment of the workforce to test an hypothesis or track their engagement (e.g., employees hired in the last three months).

Segment Your Team Members


Stay tuned with Officevibe update and new blog post

You will have access to all new features and new content develop by Officevibe.


Contact us for any questions or concerns: