Officevibe Team Insights

Officevibe is now providing more actionable content to help our Managers save some time and provide the opportunity to invest it wisely. 

Find what you are looking for directly in the Team Hub, instead of having to deep-dive into reports. Essentially, you now have access to readily available actions to address different team metrics.


Team Insights

What’s New for the Team Manager?

The manager is able to see their Team(s) Insight directly in the Team Hub, alongside the exact variation in sub-metric that triggered the Insight.




1. Take Action

Once you have taken the time to acknowledge and assess your insight, you will be able to take action on the specific Insight by digging deeper and driving the change you would like to see. The actions you're able to take are the following; 

  • Launch a Poll 
  • Add a talking point to an upcoming 1-on-1




2. Bring your Team on 

After taking action, your Team members will be able in the Team Hub but will not be able to have access to the insight that triggered the action. 

Once they have viewed the action, the members will then be able to comment on each action anonymously. 

Anonymity is one of our core promises to employees and experience with Officevibe has shown that employees, with this sense of ease, tend to participate more actively and provide more honest feedback as they grow more comfortable. 

Additionally, anonymous comments left by your employees allow you to continue building on trust while addressing their concerns.


Note: All Executive Managers and Administrators of an Officevibe account are able to view the past actions taken by all Managers. With members having the ability to comment on actions anonymously, this safe discussion space will give Executive Managers more insight on which initiatives have the most impact.