Workleap Officevibe Smart Questions

In contrast with follow-up questions, Smart Questions have been added to the end of our Surveys as a means to allow all members to add additional qualitative responses to feed into any sub-metric that has had a recent negative variation.

Simultaneously, Smart questions will also allow more actionability for Managers as they will now be available to deep dive into results when there appears to be a significant drop in a Sub-Metric. The open-ended and qualitative questions will generate feedback as answers will be shown to the manager in the Feedback Report.


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Essentially, when a member is completing a Survey, one of our Smart Questions is selected according to the Closest Team linked to the member.

By Closest Team, we mean the smallest team the member is part of and once this is identified, the Smart question will be triggered by that Team's increased negative variation.

  • The Threshold of variation that is considered is: -0.3 points
  • During the following measurement period: 7 days (1 week)

Each Smart Question triggered by a specific metric answered by the member will have a 1 month cooldown period, before being re-requested. This will remove possible repetition which can lead to disengagement - let's avoid this at all costs.

If there is not much of a variation considering the threshold on the sub-metrics that is weighed, the member will automatically be prompted with more of a generic question.


What to Expect?

Starting off with what a generic question will look like, here are some Smart Question examples:


Generic Smart Question



Sub-Metric: Recognition Quality Smart Question



Sub-Metric: Stress Smart Question


The Smart Questions' Flow 

  1. The Survey notifications depend on the Survey frequency set by the Organization.
  2. The member receives the Survey as planned.
  3. The algorithm's logic will assess if a Smart question should be posed, and this is dependent on the performance drop in a specific Sub-Metric.
  4. If a drop has been detected, the algorithm will generate which question to ask.
  5. The first question will then be a question related to the lowest sub-metric of the current period (depending on the Survey frequency).
  6. Smart questions are not repeated for a period of 4 weeks.
  7. If repetition does occur, an opened-ended question will be asked at the end of the survey. Allowing the member to address a subject that was brought up in the survey but not emphasized enough or complementary of a topic that was not linked to the Survey and not addressed in that period's survey.
  8. The member will still be able to submit or skip questions. 
  9. Only one Smart question per Sub-Metric
  10. Smart questions were designed to create an interest level for your members and provide actionable data for Managers.  

Note: Just a reminder that all our smart questions are open-ended (qualitative). This is to help create more Feedback. More Feedback equals more reasons for Managers to log into Workleap Officevibe, to engage with their members. 

Smart questions were designed to create an interest level for your members and provide actionable data for Managers.

This is a first version iteration of our Smart questions, but we are planning on adding more in the future.