Our Survey Questions Undergo a Makeover

Exciting News - Officevibe's Pulse Surveys are evolving! 

This was put in place to ensure your Team Members remain engaged as we've made sure that our Survey questions retain their relevancy but now adapt to current realities and all contexts.


What's New? 

We have renamed two of our Sub-metrics, reviewed our existing questions, removed a couple and added brand new questions that will make it easier for managers to act, all the while providing HR with valuable insights.

To reinforce your engagement, our questions were not only updated to better reflect today’s reality but were also conveyed from Organization level questions to Team level questions.

Important: We are not touching our algorithm and our rolling 90-day rolling average remains the same. With this in mind, a total of 35 Officevibe questions have now been updated to better your Officevibe experience!


1. Which 2 Sub-Metrics were Renamed?

  1. The Compensation sub-metric is now Fairness.
  2. The Workplace sub-metric is now Work Environment.

Why this change? Even prior to the changes, all questions were measuring the perception of fairness. The change just made sense! Moreover, studies and science show that it’s the perception of fairness and equity that impact engagement, and not how content we are with our compensation.

Note: Questions have also been adapted to better reflect distributed and remote work realities!


2. New Question Topics Focusing on; Performance, Psychological Safety, Inclusion, Social Impact and more

The following questions have been put in place to enable conversations on the topic of performance, namely responsibility and accountability. 

Among all our changes, here are some examples to pique your curiosity:


New Questions


My organization works to attract, develop, and retain people with diverse backgrounds.


Continuous recognition is provided in my organization.

Relationship with manager 

My direct manager gives me the support I need in my work.

Relationship with manager  My direct manager creates opportunities for open discussion within our team.
From Satisfaction to Wellness (stress) On a scale from 0-10, how reasonable is your workload?


3. Existing Officevibe Questions that were updated... 

We have added brand new questions and adapted questions from our initial question bank to better address certain topics. 

Here are a couple of examples: 

New Questions

I see concrete actions that bring my organization's commitment to social responsibility to life.

I feel that my individual goals are strongly aligned with our team goals.

Does your team work in alignment with organizational values?

Our organization enables people to collaborate easily, even if remote

In our team, we hold each other accountable for results.

I revisit and discuss my goals at a frequency that makes sense for me.

My organization values the uniqueness of its team members.


4. What will these Changes Look Like? 

Rest assured that our goal is to make this makeover as seamless as possible. With this and as seen in the images below, your Question Results report will reflect the status and/or changes a question has undergone. 



Respecting our 90-day rolling average, you will have visibility on the questions' changes for that period of time until your team accumulates enough data points for the specific questions. 


Note: You will not lose any of your historical data pertaining to certain metrics and sub-metrics as all your data will follow our changes.