1-on-1: Participation Report

The 1-on-1 Participation Report displays areas of opportunity where the Team Manager and Member collaborations are excessively low. This report aims to help HR persons and Executive Managers across the organization, identify all Teams with low 1-on-1 Participation statistics, during the last 30 days.


The Report

  1. Accessible to Essential and Pro Workleap Officevibe accounts.
  2. Accessible to Administrators with Executive Manager access, and Team Managers.
  3. Team Managers can only view their team in the Report.
  4. Participation rate calculation: If the agenda Archived date is between today and 30 days ago, the Team Member will count in the nominator's percentage, for all teams they belong to.


1-on-1 Participation Data Table

  1. Search Bar: Which Team or Manager 1-on-1s do you need insights on? 
  2. Teams: Which Team in your account has followed their 1-on-1s? 
  3. Participation (%): The percentage of Team Members who have started or completed a 1-on-1 with their Team Manager in the last 30 days.
  4. Participation (#): The total number of 1-on-1s started or completed within the last 30 days, on the number of scheduled 1-on-1s that were not interacted with.


Workleap Officevibe users with Executive Manager rights can access the report. Team Managers can view data for their Team(s) but Administrators and Members currently have no access.