Administrator Toolbox

As an Officevibe administrator in your organization, you are responsible for certain tasks. We have compiled the most useful resources for you to manage your account settings and structure easily.

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1. Account Configuration

Organization Settings

Integrations Available With Officevibe

The Science Behind Officevibe

Officevibe & Anonymity

Officevibe Launch: FAQ


2. User and Access Management

Managing Your Members

Member Status & Sending Reminders

Members' Roles & Access Rights


3. Team and Segment Management

Creating & Managing Your Teams & Sub-Teams

Segment Your Team Members


4. Communication Settings

Managing Survey Frequency

Officevibe Communications via Microsoft Teams

Survey Delivery Methods


5. Tracking results

Building your Action Plan

Track your Success with Officevibe!


6. Support the managers

Manager's Toolbox

Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

Managers' Best Practices Guide - How to use Officevibe!


More resources are accessible on the Officevibe Blog.


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