Track your Success with Workleap Officevibe!

Once Workleap Officevibe is launched, it will be important to follow up on the results to take action. To help you get the most out of the tool, we suggest you follow some success indicators:



High participation allows you to have representative results. In an ideal world, everyone would accept the invitation and participate in the survey. You can track the progress in-app and send reminders if needed. Check out: Managing Your Members. 


How many employees agree to participate in the surveys?

  1. Objective: To ensure high representativeness of the results.
  2. Metric: Acceptance rate
  3. How to calculate it: Via the Settings > Members section, filter users by status.




How many employees took part in the surveys in the past month?

You can check this out via our Feedback Participation report.



High engagement requires constant efforts from employees and managers.


How many managers share the engagement report with team members?

  1. Objective: Accountability to employees for the impact they have on team engagement.
  2. Metric: Report share rate
  3. How to calculate it: It will be necessary to go team by team to validate if the report is shared.

Read more: Sharing Officevibe Results with Your Team within Officevibe.



Which metric has had the most variation since….?

  1. Objective: Identify significant fluctuations in employee engagement / Measure the impact of change.
  2. Metric: Greatest variation
  3. How to calculate it: Go to the comparison report and choose a period / the date of the change to visualize the variations on each metric. You will also be able to see the variations for each of the teams.

Read more: Building your Action Plan.


How are we positioned against other clients in the industry?

  1. Objective: Understand common trends in your industry. 
  2. Metric: External Benchmark
  3. How to calculate it: Go to the comparison report. The first row in the table will represent the average of all other clients using Officevibe. You can click on the gear to be benchmarked within a specific industry. 

Read more: Comparison, Benchmarking, and Variation for your Score.




Conversations generated by Employee Feedback strengthen the manager-employee relationship (trust, support, justice, recognition, motivation, etc.) and encourage long-term participation. You can learn more about the Feedback feature here: Team Feedback.


How much feedback was answered?

We have made it easy for you to refer to our Feedback Participation Report, to avoid having to calculate this manually.


How much non survey Feedback was submitted in the past month?

  1. Objective: Track the number of suggestions coming from employees.
  2. Metric: Amount of suggestions
  3. How to calculate it: Use the "more filters" option in the Feedback section. You can also filter by time. 

Alignment & Development

Officevibe encourages managers and employees to have regular conversations to align everyone's effort towards goals that matter for your organization. You can read more here: Get closer to your team: Master your 1-on-1s.


How many 1-on-1 meetings have each manager had?

  1. Objective: To ensure that employees have regular follow-ups with each team member.
  2. Metric: 1-on-1 rate completed by managers. 
  3. How to calculate it: The information will soon be available in-app. 


How many managers have not set goals?

  1. Objective: To ensure that managers take action on Officevibe results.
  2. Metric: Number of managers with no goals
  3. How to calculate it: You will need to filter for each team to identify the managers who have not set goals. You will see the list of all goals in-app via the Goals Section.