How to get around Officevibe with the new navigation

Officevibe has improved the navigation to help you get around the app and find what you need faster. Here we’ll go over the new changes to the sidebar and the filters. 



The sidebar is Officevibe’s main navigation. It gives you quick access to engagement data, feedback, 1-on-1s, and goals. You can also jump to another team, sub-team team, or member quickly.


  1. Home: See what you need to focus on when using Officevibe (only for Team Managers). 

  2. Survey report: Check your engagement metrics, question results, eNPS score, and participation rate. This is where you will find your Pulse Survey results. 

  3. Comparison: Compare scores across teams and measure your organization against your industry with benchmark scores. 

  4. Custom polls: Create custom polls, check your results, and read the written feedback from your polls. 

  5. Feedback: Read and reply to your team’s feedback. You’ll find feedback from the Pulse Survey or from the Suggestion Box in your member’s account on this page. 

  6. 1-on-1s: Plan new 1-on-1s, check your 1-on-1s for the week, and see which ones you need to wrap-up. 

  7. Goals: Create and track team goals. 

  8. Teams: Find your teams quickly. To create a new team, click on the + icon.

  9. Members: See all the members of your team or your organization. To invite a new member, click on the + icon.


To move from page to page quickly, click on Jump to... in the sidebar. You can search for a member or team and jump right into what you are looking for (Feedback, Reports, Comparison, 1-on-1s, Custom polls, action items, etc.). 



Filters are a great tool to view only the information you need. Each page in Officevibe has a different set of filters. We’ll go through the most important changes.



In the Reports page, you can filter your engagement data by:

  • Teams

To see the engagement data of a team, you need at least 3 members. You can find the list of members next to the filter section. 

Admins and Executive Managers can see an overview of all their organization’s engagement data by selecting the filter option with their organization’s name. 

Team Managers can see all their teams’ engagement data by selecting the filter option “All teams.”

  • Segments 

To filter your engagement data by segments, you need 3 or more members in that segment for the report to be displayed. This helps us protect anonymity. 

Only Admins and Executive Managers can see this option. 

  • Date range (Paid Plan Only)

The default on most reports is “Last 30 days”, but you can select other date ranges, as well as the option to select a custom date range. 



Team member’s qualitative feedback can be filtered by:

  • Team or segment 

When you filter by team, you need at least 5 members to see anonymous feedback. This helps us ensure that each member’s identity is protected.

Admins and Executive Managers can see all of the organization’s members’ feedback by choosing the filter option with the organization’s name. 

Team Managers can see feedback from all their teams by choosing the filter option “All teams.”

  • Status

You can keep better track of your team’s feedback by filtering based on whether they are read, unread, or starred. 





Access your settings 

To manage your organization’s settings, click on the gear icon in the top header (#1). This will take you to the setting’s home page. 

To edit your personal settings, click on your profile picture (#2). You’ll see a dropdown menu. Hover over your name and click on Edit profile.


Where to find help

You can learn more about each feature by clicking on on the icon (#3). This will open a small window where you can search for articles or contact our support team. We’re happy to help you with anything you need.