Officevibe Communications via Microsoft Teams

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If you have opted for the Office 365 / Active Directory integration via your Officevibe account, we have recently added the Officevibe Microsoft Teams bot as an extension of the Office 365 / Active Directory integration. 
This addition acts as a delivery channel for Officevibe notifications through Microsoft Teams.
Directly via Teams Messages, the Microsoft Teams Officevibe bot sends the following Messages:
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Daily Digests 
  • Manager Feedback reply notifications (from Pulse Surveys)
  • Manager Feedback reply notifications (from Custom surveys)

How to:

Configure and Invite Members to use the Officevibe Microsoft Teams bot

1. Log into your Officevibe account, click the icon's settings on the top right of the page and select Integrations at the bottom of the left page. 


2. Once you have reached the Integrations page, navigate to the Communications tab and click the Configure button next to Office365/MS Teams  image__19_.png


3. Log in to Office 365 and click the blue Activate button at the bottom. 



4. You will then receive a confirmation that you have a perfect match for your emails and members will begin to receive their Officevibe Communications via the Microsoft Teams bot.

If you have members for whom we can't associate the emails in Officevibe to the emails in your Office 365 network, we will display them and those members will not be able to receive the Microsoft Teams notification.



Note: The new members will receive the invitation notification in Microsoft Teams. There is a possibility of a delay in receiving the notification.
Members will need to click the link in the notification to confirm the invitation, they will then be redirected to the Officevibe platform and begin the onboarding process (optional). 

Survey Delivery 

Access Microsoft Teams via an Officevibe Survey 

As mentioned in the beginning, instead of having surveys and communications sent via email to your members, you can opt for them to be sent via Microsoft Teams.

1. Connect to Microsoft Teams and open the Officevibe App


2. Accept the Officevibe bot survey notification.
Note: Click any link in the message. This will redirect the member to the Officevibe platform to complete the rest of the Survey (Optional).

Feedback Notification 

Access Microsoft Teams via an Officevibe Feedback Notification

1. Log into Microsoft Teams.

2. Login into Officevibe and click the Feedback tab, which will redirect the Administrator to the feedback conversation page.


3. Add a reply to the feedback.
4. The Officevibe Microsoft Teams bot sends the member a notification alerting them of their Feedback reply.