Officevibe's Basic Plan

What is the Free Version of Officevibe?

At Officevibe, we believe well-developed teams lead to a better working world for all. That is why we've built a free version of our software, so managers can get the support they need no matter their budget. You will see it appear as an option on the pricing page at the end of your trial.

The free version of Officevibe is called Officevibe Basic and comes with the following limitations:

1. Data History:

Officevibe Basic limits a manager’s account history to 30 days. That means they can look at the engagement scores and view anonymous feedback from the last 30 days only. They can’t search back in time for conversations or insights.

2. Survey Reports: 

Survey scores are saved for the last 30 days only, so managers can't see their results from Surveys older than 30 days or track how scores change over time to confirm successful initiatives. The Questions Report, which details the specific results from each of our 120 survey questions, is also locked.

3. Custom Polls:

Managers can only run one Custom Poll at a time. Expert-made Custom Poll templates are locked.

4. Admin levels:

This version comes with just one admin level, meaning it’s not the best fit for organizations with multiple teams and managers, or an HR department or C-Suite with oversight abilities.

5. One team only: 

Officevibe Basic members may only create one team with one assigned manager. That means they cannot compare scores between teams or receive separate sets of survey results for different teams.

6. Member count: 

Officevibe Basic allows you to add no more than 10 members in total.  

Current account holders of the Officevibe basic plan created before September 14, 2021, will not be impacted by this limitation.

However, Administrators will be unable to invite new members to the account as of that date. This limitation also applies to trial periods and therefore, after this period, it will not be possible to add members to the account. However, the members who are already in the account will remain.

7. Industry benchmarking: 

Officevibe Basic does not allow managers to compare their teams with others in their industry.

8. Exports:

Survey Reports, Feedback and Team Comparison Reports cannot be exported from the platform.

9. Integrations:

Although you have access to most integrations available through Officevibe, you will not be able to proceed with a Custom Integration with the basic plan. 

Although these limitations can seem robust, Officevibe Basic is a great fit for single teams. It provides all the engagement data and structured 1-on-1s managers need to get started with team development.


What Happens if I Choose Officevibe Basic After my Free Officevibe Trial?

When your trial expires, you will be moved to the Basic plan if you choose it or by default if you do not choose a different plan. This means the first team you created is the only one that will remain in your account and you will be assigned as the Team Manager for that team. 

All members from other teams (including Team Managers) will remain in your Officevibe account but will fall under one team. You won’t be able to view goals from other teams, filter Survey Reports by team, or see 1-on-1 agendas members planned with other Team managers before the switch.
As mentioned above, your account history will be available on a rolling 30-day basis, and some features, such as the Questions Report, Team Comparison, Custom Polls & Industry Benchmarking will be limited or locked.


How do I Choose the Right Plan for Me?

The easiest way to figure out which version is right for you is to jump into a free trial of Officevibe (no credit card required). You can continue with our free version at the end of your trial and, book a demo or reach out to our support team for more information.

You should know that we take data security very seriously. If you choose Officevibe Basic but decide to switch plans later, all of the insights you gathered in the past, like Survey Reports, Metric scores, Feedback, Messaging, and more, will reappear when you upgrade, having been safeguarded by Officevibe.


Why it may be beneficial to choose our PRO plan...