Team Feedback

Team Feedback collected through participation in the surveys will provide you with valuable insights! Are you looking for an easy way to view and reply to the feedback, anonymous or not, from your team members? Look no further than the Feedback tab, on the left-hand side of the navigation panel. 


Note: A minimum of five (5) members in a team is required for anonymous Feedback to populate at a Team Manager level. Any feedback that is non-anonymous will automatically show in your Feedback tab.

However, rest assured that Feedback will still populate in All Organization filtering, even when an anonymous piece of Feedback is submitted from a Team member who is part of a Team with less than 5 members. 


Smallest team widget

The smallest Team widget displays the smallest team that the member belongs to. Managers will see the name of the smallest team where the feedback can be read. If the smallest team is not displayed:

  • The smallest team has less than 5 members.
  • The smallest team does not have a manager assigned to it.
  • The smallest team widget is based on the permissions of the person logged in, therefore an Executive Manager who has access to all teams could see a small team differently than a Team Manager, as the smallest widget shows the smallest team based on the teams that the manager has access to.



In the Feedback tab, you will see a drop-down menu that will allow you to view your overall feedback for all teams (if you manage more than 1), or view the feedback by team. 

Note for Team managers: The Feedback showing at the Organizational level is simply your pooled feedback for all of your teams combined; It does not give you access to all feedback at the Organization level outside of your teams. 



How it works:

Every Survey will have at least one follow-up question which allows qualitative Feedback to be left. Depending on the response to the initial question, the follow-up question asked will differ. 
All Feedback itself will be automatically labelled as Positive or Constructive.

Here's an example: If you have a Survey question that's "On a scale from 0 to 10, how happy are you at work today?"

  • Positive Feedback: Any score between 6 and 10 will trigger a follow-up question similar to ''Name something that makes you happy at work''. 

  • Constructive Feedback Any score between 0 to 5 will trigger a follow-up question similar to ''Name one thing that could make you happier at work''. 


Reply to the Feedback and Create Conversations

Team Managers and Executive Managers are the only members in the account that can reply to feedback. Managers won't see the feedback for the teams they don't have access to, as they will only have access to the feedback in the teams that they have been assigned to. 
Read more about Members' Roles & Access Rights.


Responding to feedback is a crucial aspect for the successful usage of Officevibe. When you respond to a piece of feedback, the employee will get notified, so they will have the option to go in and continue the conversation. Members also have the option to reveal their identity if they wish to, but the default is anonymous. 
Read more about Officevibe & Anonymity

Members also have the option to provide unprompted Feedback outside of the Surveys using the 'New Feedback' button. This Feedback will not be associated to any of the Matrics and will be automatically labelled as "Suggestion Box". 


When answering Feedback, it is important to remember these golden rules:

  • Ask open-ended questions and respect anonymity. 
  • Don’t take it personally.
  • Think it through: Never answer feedback on impulse.
  • Use plain language and a positive tone.

As a Manager, to facilitate conversations with your team members, you have the ability to pin the important pieces of Feedback you want to bring attention to and/or address at a later time. 

You will need to click the piece of Feedback you're looking to prioritize and the Feedback will expand, a star will appear on the top-right corner of the Feedback that you can Star to make important.




Filter and Label the Feedback

You have access to quick filters, advanced filters, and conversation labels to help you understand the feedback, organize it, and take action. 

Quick Filters

This is where you can see Read vs. Unread Feedback. You can also filter for the feedback that you've replied to or those that were replied by another Manager that has access to the team. 



Advanced Filters

On the top right-hand side, you will see a drop-down menu that allows for Advanced Filters, where you can filter your Feedback by the following:  

  1. Hide Feedback with less than three characters 
  2. Date variance
  3. Feedback Type: Officevibe Surveys vs Suggestion Box
  4. Feedback Tone: Constructive vs. Positive
  5. Feedback Metrics: The 10 Key Metrics of Engagement
  6. Labels: Customizable themes



Team and Executive Managers have the ability to apply Labels to Feedback Conversations as well. This helps to organize and tag feedback as needed. 





An important note is that the labels are only visible to Managers, and will never be seen by the Members who have left the feedback. 

The labels are defined by the Administrators and can be updated and customized in the general Organization Settings.


Need some inspiration to reply to Feeback?

Some Managers often feel anxious when anticipating a difficult conversation. We understand however that Managers look for opportunities to be sensitive in their relationships with their Team members, in the hopes of establishing trust and Feedback. 

When viewing your Feedback via the Overview tab, click on the piece of Feedback that you want to respond to.

If you feel confident enough to respond, refer to the Reply tab and respond to the member. Should you need a little guidance, however, we've got you covered!


1. Click on the Help me Reply button in the message window:  Screen_Shot_2021-07-27_at_2.27.42_PM.png


2. Once you've selected the option, you can either choose to forward the feedback by email to ask for help or go into our Feedback Guide. 

Note: The anonymity of the user will be protected if they have chosen 




3. The option you choose will lead you to our recommendations.

E.g.: We've chosen When should I reply which leads up to two recommendations;

  • Align on expectations.
  • Make it a routine.


4. Clicking on an option will provide you with some recommendations! 


Note: You will not be able to copy-paste the recommendation into your response as it is meant to inspire you and get you started. 

In other areas, like the "How Should I Reply" section, there are talking points you can click on to add directly in the message window, so you can use and edit them to get started: 


Share Feedback

You can share a feedback conversation using the Share button in the top right-hand corner.