Workleap Officevibe Member Properties

To create Segments, you'll first need to set your Properties in-app.

This will add an additional layer of data reports and help store more information on each member within your Workleap Officevibe account.

Please note that only the Administrators can create and delete properties, but both the Executive Managers and the Admins can view properties in the member's profiles. Although Executive Managers can modify properties, they cannot create or delete them.


Create your Properties

1. Administrators are the only ones able to create or delete properties. You can access the Properties section in your Organization's settings and select Properties under the Data and Insights area.



2. There are three possible categories of Properties you can choose from Numeric (1, 2, 3,…), Date (12/01/2020), and Choices (abcd).



3. Once your Properties have been created, they can be assigned to Members using the Bulk Provisioning uploading tool (Paid plan only) or by updating members' properties individually in their profiles.


Once the Hire and Termination Date properties have been put in place, they are the only properties unable to be updated in the future as they will be locked.   EN_New_Locked_properties.jpg

Additionally, the Hire Date and Termination Date properties help ensure that Officevibe’s default 20-question Onboarding Survey is sent to the right Members within 1 month of their arrival at the organization.

Executive managers have access in visualizing the survey results in a dedicated report, where anonymity rules apply for quantitative answers, and text feedback is linked to some of the questions.

Note that it is possible to deactivate the Onboarding Survey in the settings.


Bulk Upload Option (Paid plan only)

If you have a paid plan with Officevibe, you can update your Members and assign their properties and permissions automatically in bulk with one simple file. When you enter your Organizational Settings gear, you will click on Bulk Provisioning, where you will find a file you can download and fill in your Member's information.

Note: Before you populate information in the document, you must ensure that you have created your Properties in Officevibe first.




Click on the blue Download file button to access your file.

The file will contain information on the members you already have in the account, such as their emails, first/last names, language preferences, etc. The file will show you the data you currently have on the platform - If you haven't invited anyone into your account, the file will only contain your information.

Now you can start entering more data, like the properties values. Column "F" is where you assign members to Executive Manager status, and then the columns after this will assign the Properties you have created. Ensure the property values you're entering in the file are spelled the same way as those entered in the platform.

Here is an example of what the file will look like when you have entered some member's properties values:


Once you’ve completed the file, you will save it, upload it, and click on the blue "Complete Import" button. When you upload the file, the following will happen:

  • Any members listed in the file not already in your account will be sent an invitation to join Officevibe. 
  • All members will be automatically assigned the properties you've outlined in the file. 
  • Any members listed as "TRUE" in column "F" will now be Executive Managers.

If you need to update properties in the future or add new members to your account, you can download this file at any time and upload it again with the changes.

Note: Once you reach a certain number of members, the file might be too big to upload into the platform. If you want to add new members through the file, you can delete the members from the download (as these are your current members) and start fresh by entering the data for the new members only.