Segment Your Team Members

The Difference between Teams and Segments:

Officevibe wants to help Managers and their Teams. Our goal is to help the two parties ignite meaningful conversations as well as increase each other's performance. This is essentially the reason we have redesigned Officevibe; to create more room for the Teams and their Members. 

Managers are assigned to their Team(s) directly on our platform.

Segments on the other hand won't have any managers assigned to them since they are geared towards  HR personnel as a tool to monitor different groupings of members in your account. They allow Executive Managers to Segment their data in order to filter results, perform cross-analyzes and therefore more in-depth analyzes.


Let's talk about Segments!

As mentioned above, a segment allows an Executive Manager to analyze their overall Officevibe Engagement data according to Properties assigned to the members, outside of the Manager's Teams. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Properties must be created by the Admin prior to creating Segments. 
  • Segments are independent of Teams.
  • Segments will display the Feedback of the members. 
  • At least 3 Members are needed in a Segment, in order to view results.
  • A Segment cannot have more than 4 Rules.
  • Members cannot be identified in a Segment.
  • Properties can be viewed via a Member's profile.
  • Properties can be assigned in bulk by using the Bulk Provisioning tab.
    Here is our article on Managing Your Members for further guidance!
  • Admins can create/edit properties and segments but won't be able to see them along with their engagement results.
  • Executive Managers have the ability to see Properties created by the Administrator, and the ability to create Segments based on those properties. 


For example, you could use a Segment to:

(1) Analyze the data for men, who have been hired since 2018, in the IT department.

(2) Analyze data from Members of the Canadian, English-speaking division, age 30+. 


Create Segments in your Settings: 

1. An Executive Manager or Administrator can create a segment in the settings. You can do so by accessing your Organization's settings, selecting Segments in the Data and Insights section of your Organization Settings.



2. Name the segment and choose up to 4 properties to define it, which will set the rules for the data collection.



3. View your data based on your newly added Segment by selecting it from the drop-down menu on your Survey Report page.

Note: Segments can only be viewed by an Executive Manager at the "All Organization" level. 


Once you have selected a segment from the drop-down, by hovering on the widget you can see the properties that make up the segment, and next to it you can see the number of people within the segment.



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