Segment Your Team Members

Officevibe offers several ways to group results and analyze trends. 

Managers are assigned to their Team(s), which are comprised of the members that they oversee in day-to-day work. Think of Teams for managers as direct reports. Check out: Creating & Managing Your Teams & Sub-Teams

Segments on the other hand are geared towards HR personnel as a tool to monitor different groupings based on traits and shared characteristics. Think of Segments as groupings that don't have a direct manager. 


Creating Segments

Segments are an HR tool that allows you to group members based on different properties assigned to them in the platform. They allow Executive Managers to Segment their data in order to filter results, perform cross-analyzes, and more in-depth analyzes.

Define the Properties

With Officevibe, Administrators can assign specific properties to members. This will allow Executive Managers to analyze their overall Officevibe Engagement data according to specific Segments of employees, outside of the Team Manager's hierarchy. 

Via the Settings > Properties section, define the information you wish to track.


Properties must be created by the Admin prior to creating Segments. 


Assign the Properties to Employees

Administrators can assign properties manually on someone's profile or via a bulk import file.


Team Managers and Team Members do not see the properties.


Define the Segments

An Executive Manager or Administrator can create a Segment in the settings. You can do so by accessing your Account settings and selecting Segments in the Data and Insights section.

From there, you'll want to name the Segment and choose up to 7 property values to define it, which will set the rules for the data collection.


For historical Scores and Feedback to be recalculated, an Administrator must assign Properties to members before creating the Segment. Access to data will be managed accordingly to Officevibe's Anonymity Rules


Analyze Segments Data

Executive Managers can view the data based on your newly created Segment by selecting it from the drop-down menu on the Survey Report page.

Once you have selected a Segment from the drop-down, by hovering on the widget you can see the properties that make up the segment, and next to it you can see the number of people within the Segment.


You will be able to see all of the same Reports & Engagement Summary for the Segment as you would a team, but there is no manager assigned to it. You can send Custom Surveys, see and respond to feedback, as well as compare its data to other teams and segments in the Compare section. 


Give a Team Manager visibility on a Segment

In some cases, an Administrator may want to give a Team Managers access to a Segment. By default, Team managers can't be assigned to a segment, because it is not a team within the organizational structure. That's why we created Rule-Based teams.  

Create a Rule-Based Team

It is possible to synchronize the members of a Segment with the members of a Team. 



All Members will sync daily between your Segment and the Officevibe Team. 



This will allow an admin to assign a Team Manager to a Rule-Based Team on Officevibe via the Settings > Team section.