Launch Guide for your Officevibe Account!

Welcome to Officevibe! 

Are you ready to launch the platform within your Organization? We have a step-by-step Launch Guide you can follow, to ensure a successful implementation of Officevibe! Lucky for you, this can be done in a few easy steps. 


1. Learn how Officevibe Works & Configure your Account

As Officevibe Administrator or Executive Manager, it is essential that you can support the leaders in their utilization of the tool. You will want to identify any other Administrators or Executive Managers in your organization as well, to ensure that you are all comfortable with the tool. 

Here are some useful resources for you:

1.1 Familiarize yourself with Officevibe

  1. Share this short demo video: Officevibe demo video
  2. Watch the Officevibe Administrators Training
  3. Administrator Toolbox
  4. Officevibe Launch: FAQ

1.2 Configure your account

Via the Settings section, you will be able to customize your account: 

  • Company logo, name, industry (Organizational details)
  • Default language and timezone (Organizational details)
  • Survey frequency and micro-customization (Pulse Survey section)
  • General permissions (Permissions)
For your outgoing Officevibe invitations and communications to arrive successfully, you must contact your IT team to ensure that you have the correct IT Requirements to Use Officevibe
Updating teams and members can be automated via integration. If you wish to use one of the integrations available, you will want to discuss it with a member of your IT team early in the rollout phase. 


2. Communicate the Arrival of Officevibe

Once you have familiarized yourself with Officevibe and identified the other Admins and Managers in your organization, you’ll want to start communicating the arrival of Officevibe to your teams. Sending informative communications about Officevibe to the managers and the employees is a critical part of a successful launch.

Here, you’ll find a suggested Communication Plan with Templates for each of the steps.


3. Import the employees and finalize the team hierarchy

Teams are key in Officevibe. They will allow you to replicate your organization structure in-app and empower your managers to build a strong relationship with their direct reports. You’ll need to prepare a file to bulk invite the employees and create the teams in-app.


3.1 Import the employees and the teams

Here are the steps to prepare the file and import members with teams. The file can be downloaded in-app via the Settings > Bulk Provisioning section.

We strongly recommend finalizing the team structure before inviting the employees. You can deactivate the invitation emails when creating an employee's profile via the Settings Organizational details section.

3.2 Replicate the organizational structure

You can follow these steps to replicate your Organizational Structure.

You can combine teams to replicate the organizational structure (department, business unit, location, etc). Via the Teams section, create a new team. Instead of adding employees, you'll want to add existing teams (e.g., Team A + Team B + Team C = Department ABC). 

Team managers will automatically have access to their team of direct reports. With this said, when you create a parent team using sub-teams, you can also give managers access to the results. A team manager will automatically have access to all sub-teams part of their hierarchy. 

Administrators' and Executive Manager's permissions can be given manually, via someone's profile in-app.

To validate the permissions go to the Settings > Members > More Filters > Roles:


4. Train your Team Managers

Ensuring that Team Managers use Officevibe effectively is a key element for long-term success.

We strongly suggest that your managers view our latest recorded manager training below and that you share the Officevibe's Manager's Toolbox for extra guidance.

  1. Officevibe Manager Training
  2. Manager: Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some suggested talking points to discuss internally to align on expectations:
  • How often do you expect the manager to share results with their teams? Officevibe recommends 1x per month. 
  • Do you expect managers to reply to all feedback? Officevibe recommends aiming for a 70% reply rate with a focus on those labeled constructive in-app.
  • How often should managers reply to feedback? Officevibe recommends blocking time once a week and communicating this time with team members.
  • How often should they meet their employees for 1-on-1? Officevibe recommends meeting every 2 weeks.
  • Who is accountable for defining the goals? Officevibe recommends a mixed approach of organizational goals set by executive managers and team goals defined by team managers.
  • Who is accountable to define the individual goals? Officevibe recommends that employees set their own individual goals and validate them with the managers during a 1-on-1 meeting.
  • Who can the manager contact if they need assistance? Officevibe recommends letting know team managers who are the administrators internally and sharing the Officevibe support email.
  • How often should managers send custom surveys? Officevibe recommends defining a process internally to avoid survey fatigue. You can also save your own organizational template.


5. Launch: Invite your members and send the first survey

Once you are satisfied with the team structure and employee's permissions, you are ready to send the invitations with the first surveys! 

5.1 Activate the surveys

Via the Settings > Pulse survey section toggle the surveys ON. 

You can decide the frequency for the surveys and customize the wording in the questions if needed. 



5.2 Send the invitations

The invitation email includes a registration link valid for 7 days. Once employees click on the link, they'll be able to configure their profile. They will then be redirected to answer their first survey. The first survey includes 10 questions to cover the 10 key engagement metrics.

See what the activation process for employees looks like here

Via the Settings > Members section, you will be able to check the box above the Name column and invite all your members at once or a selected bunch. 

Once you are on your member’s page, you first need to click on More filters next to the drop-down, select the Created status, click on the blue Apply button and you'll then be able to select Members. If not, the option to select Members will be greyed out.


The invitation link will expire after seven days for security reasons. The invitation date will be red if the link has expired. Administrators and Managers will be able to send custom reminders to the employees. 


6. Support the Managers & Take action!

Now that your team members are in the account and your managers are assigned to their teams, you can monitor the results and feedback coming in from your teams: 


Don't forget that responding to feedback is the biggest driver of success! You want to ensure that your teams feel heard and that their contributions matter: First 30 days with Officevibe.

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Congrats on your Launch!

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