Announce the Arrival of Workleap Officevibe (Communication Plan with Templates)

Ready to launch Workleap Officevibe in your organization?

Organizations with lasting success aren’t built on a stroke of inspiration or powered by just a few star players. They’re made up of high-performing teams with motivation and a clear plan for bringing their vision to life. That’s why we’ve designed Workleap Officevibe to put your teams – and their people – at the heart of your experience.

Are you the Executive Manager of the account and want to announce or communicate the arrival of the new Workleap  Officevibe platform to your managers and teams? We’ve got you covered!

Below you will find some customizable templates with a suggested timeline that we invite you to use for both audiences, so you can easily and clearly communicate the arrival of the new platform.

Targeted audience




· Explain why you are doing this and why it’s important

· Reassure on the impacts Officevibe will have on managers and employees' day-to-day

Announce the Arrival to Managers


Announce the Arrival to Employees


· Ensure the managers are trained to use Workleap Officevibe

Reminder of Manager Training

Managers + Employees

· Confirm the launch

· Provide support

Reminder of Officevibe Launch

Managers + Employees

· Follow-up on the launch

· Ensure buy-in

· Provide support

Post-Launch Check-in


If you are not designating Team managers at the beginning, we strongly recommend managing the expectations of the employees: 
  1. Who will reply to the feedback?
  2. When will the results be shared?

Looking to create hype around the launch?

Check out our promotional kit here.