Managers' Best Practices Guide - How to use Workleap Officevibe!

We’ve broken down everything you need to know on leveraging Workleap Officevibe and making your team the best it can be.


What you can expect from this guide:

  1. Tips on how to prepare your team for the arrival of Workleap Officevibe
  2. Pointers to help check in with your team when they start using Workleap Officevibe
  3. A detailed look into how to use Workleap Officevibe effectively to bring out the best in your team. 

Preparing your team for Workleap Officevibe

Take the time to sit down with your team and discuss what the arrival of Workleap Officevibe means.

Here are some key talking points to help guide you:

  • Share the intent behind the arrival of Workleap Officevibe. Your organization wants employees to be a part of building a greater workplace that focuses on people first.
  • Define what participating in Workleap Officevibe will mean for employees (weekly surveys, sharing written Feedback, etc.) and what they will get from it.
  • Present Workleap Officevibe’s 10 Key Metrics of Engagement so your team will understand what Workleap Officevibe measures. 
  • Explain Workleap Officevibe’s position on Anonymity and address any concerns regarding leaving Feedback. Workleap Officevibe provides a safe platform for employees to share their honest thoughts on topics that are sometimes hard to voice in face-to-face conversations.
  • Discuss the fact that both, managers and employees share the responsibility of enriching each conversation in Workleap Officevibe. Feedback is meant to be a dialogue.
  • Do a walk-through of what the launch of Workleap Officevibe will entail for your employees: Confirm the date they will receive the email invitation, what email address it will come from, what the first survey will look like, etc.


Workleap Officevibe is here. What now?

The arrival of Workleap Officevibe can be exciting but can also generate some anxiety for employees.

Throughout the first few weeks of using Workleap Officevibe, ensure you are checking in with your team. Doing this will help build your team’s trust in the tool itself, as well as with you.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

  • How do you feel when you answer Workleap Officevibe Survey questions?
  • Do you have any fears or apprehensions when you’re asked to share written Feedback?
  • Do you understand why you’re participating in the Surveys and giving Feedback?
  • What can I do as your manager to encourage you to keep participating and leaving Feedback?

Workleap Officevibe Tips: When your team starts using Workleap Officevibe you will also start to receive Feedback. While this may feel overwhelming to you at first, answering Feedback that comes in over the first 30 days is critical, whether it’s constructive or positive. Through your replies, you’ll be showing employees that their input matters and that their participation is valuable (Feedback Report).


How to use Workleap Officevibe effectively

We’ve identified 6 tasks that you can easily incorporate into your weekly routine to leverage Workleap Officevibe and help your team grow. 

Task 1: Review your team’s scores to get a better understanding of how they feel

Use the Reports & Engagement Summary to identify your team’s low and high scoring Metrics, as well as which ones are trending upward and downward. Although it’s important to keep an eye on the scores, we want you to focus on trends, which will be more indicative of how your team is evolving.

Analyze high-scoring Metrics just as much as low-scoring ones. Acknowledging what’s going well is important. If you understand why scores have gone up in one area, you may be able to recreate that success elsewhere.

Keeping an eye on sub-metrics will allow you to narrow in on what your team’s areas of improvement are and to know where to focus your efforts.

For an added level of insight, head to the Question Results. By reviewing all of Workleap Officevibe's Survey questions and how employees have responded to them, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how your team is doing across all dimensions. 

Task 2: Read and respond to employee feedback

Establish a standard with your team about when Feedback will be replied to. Setting expectations together prevents employees feeling ignored in the event that Feedback isn’t responded to immediately. Workleap Officevibe recommends replying to Feedback at least once a week to avoid missing out on any sensitive information.

When replying to Feedback:

  • Think it through and try your best not to answer Feedback impulsively. Take a step back and assume positive intent from the employee who wrote the Feedback. Try to understand the underlying message they are trying to convey.
  • Before providing explanations or possible solutions, acknowledge what the employee has said. It will go a long way towards making them feel heard.
  • Initiate a conversation by asking open-ended questions. Both yourself and your team share the responsibility of addressing issues through collaboration and rich dialogue.

Not sure how to respond to Feedback? Take a look at our blog article Replying To Employee Feedback: The Complete Guide.

Task 3: Share and discuss Officevibe results with your team on a regular basis

Meeting with your team to discuss your Workleap Officevibe results is key - We recommend doing so monthly. Being transparent about what your strengths are as a team, as well as what needs to be improved, is important. The goal is to find solutions together.

Here are some examples you can ask to spark these conversations:

  • Do you feel these results are an accurate representation of reality? Why?
  • In your opinion, what are the causes of our weakest Metrics/Sub-metrics?
  • What area should we focus on improving first, and why? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve?

Task 4: Create initiatives or action plans based on these team conversations and make some positive changes in your team

  • Draw inspiration from the Workleap Officevibe Learning Center for your initiatives (accessible through your Workleap Officevibe portal).
  • Keep in mind that sometimes even the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.
  • Communicate the actions that you’re taking, as a result of Feedback shared in Workleap Officevibe.
  • Let employees know that they've made a difference!

Task 5: Use custom polls to validate your initiatives or ask employees about subjects specific to your team

In addition to the Workleap Officevibe Surveys, Custom Polls help you dig deeper into your team-specific issues. They can also help with validating your action plans and initiatives with your team.

Some helpful tools:

  • You have access to a Poll Gallery of templates on various topics. Check out the Custom Polls section in your portal to see these suggestions!

Task 6: Create team goals and prepare 1-on-1 meetings to ensure alignment and increase team performance

Now that you have a better understanding of how your team feels, you can work on performance and setting team goals. Workleap Officevibe will suggest talking points to help you guide these conversations that you and the team members can update. You will also be able to set action items for employees and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal. 

Click here to set up your first 1-on-1 meeting on Workleap Officevibe!