Get closer to your team: Master your 1-on-1s


Officevibe is the simple platform that makes it easier than ever to understand your team, master 1-on-1s and grow as a manager. In this article, we’ll walk you through how Officevibe now helps managers and their teams align goals and build stronger relationships.

With Officevibe’s 1-on-1 tool, you’ll be able to:
- Align your team around clear, shared objectives
- Schedule, structure and hold better 1-on-1 conversations
- Set clear expectations and turn goals into actions

Team Goals 

Every member of a team should be working towards the same outcomes and should know how their work contributes to the bigger picture. Having a clear understanding of how you can impact your team’s success is one of the most impactful drivers of employee engagement.

Aligning your team around clear, shared objectives will not only motivate your team but it will also give you the tools, as a manager, to better guide 1-on-1 conversations.

Officevibe gives you the opportunity to document Teams Goals and review them whenever necessary for greater visibility and alignment. You’ll be prompted to identify why your team is working towards a specific goal as well as the measure of success you’ll be using.

When the time comes for your team members to set Individual Goals, they’ll be able to link them to a Team Goal, therefore ensuring alignment at every level.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to set Team Goals.


Schedule and plan your 1-on-1s

One-on-one meetings are amongst the most important tools a manager has and one of the best ways to ensure high individual and team performance. They help build trust, align Individual Goals with Team Goals, discuss mindsets, and maintain good communication based on transparency with each team member.

We’ve designed Officevibe to be the home of your team and make it easy for you to schedule, plan, and invite team members to recurring 1-on-1s. Make sure to use the Collaborative Agenda to create 1-on-1 agendas together with your team member, allowing you to make sure every meeting matters.

We know that you’re busy so reduce your prep time with our powerful Conversation Engine that gives you dozens of suggested talking points proven to drive productive conversations. 

A Wrap-up function helps you never miss a beat with shared and private 1-on-1 recap notes and Automated Follow-ups ensure key commitments stay top of mind for you and your team members.

To know more about how you can start using our nifty 1-on-1 tool, take a look at this article.

Individual Goals and Action Items

As a manager, you know that setting goals are key in driving employee engagement and performance. What may not be as clear, however, is how to establish these goals and monitor your team members’ progress during 1-on-1 conversations.

Officevibe empowers team members to set Individual Goals that align with Team Goals and we give you the tools you need to establish and clarify expectations. Actively involving team members in the goal-setting process illustrates how they’ll contribute to team objectives and how they’ll apply their strengths and develop their skills.

Our simple goal-setting template walks team members' through the straightforward steps of creating a SMART goal: are goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound?

Keep in mind that getting started on a specific goal can be quite daunting, so we’ve included the ability for team members to break goals down into simple Action Items, making success achievable and easier for you to track in your recurring 1-on-1 meetings.


Organizational Goals

Executive Managers can create an organizational goal in the appropriate section. Once this is created, Team Managers get notified by the Executive Manager's new Organization's goal and can choose to create and/or link their Team(s) goals.

After the Team Manager has acknowledged and linked the goal, the member(s) of the selected Team(s) are prompted to comment or link their individual goals and add talking points if applicable.

This 1-on-1 feature can help create common goals in your organization, to ensure that teams align their own goals and feel confident in making an impact at an organizational level. 

We have made it easy for you to create a vision for your organization!