Custom Surveys

The Custom Surveys section is where you'll be able to create polls with customized questions about organization-specific subjects. The surveys you create are independent of the regular Officevibe Surveys.

When you access the Custom Survey section, you will see all the current active Custom Surveys. You can also see the completion rate, the number of recipients, the date the Custom Poll was activated, and the name of the person who created it. 

From this page, you can view the Active, Drafts, and Archived Custom Surveys.

Active - Custom Surveys that are sent or scheduled to be sent. Active Custom Surveys will continue to be sent to all team members in the audience as long as the poll is not closed.

Drafts - Custom Surveys that are in the process of being created to be sent out.

Archived - Custom Surveys that have been closed. These Custom Surveys questions will no longer be sent out, however, you will continue to have access to the results.



How to Create a Custom Poll

Based on your Roles & Access Rights (Executive Manager vs Team Manager), you can choose whether your Custom Survey will be sent out to the whole organization or to a specific Team. Executive Managers have the ability to send a custom survey to the entire Organization and any Team(s), and Team Managers have the ability to send a Custom survey only to the teams they are assigned. 

To create a Custom Survey, you must go to the Custom Survey tab and click on New Custom Poll.
You will have the choice to start from scratch or from a template.



Create a Custom Poll From Scratch

To start from scratch, you will first add a title, and then a description (optional), and then select the question type you would like to use. 



Text Question - Employees can answer this question with text. This is a great way to get more information about a specific topic.

Opinion Scale - The Opinion scale format presents a scale with a total of 10 positions for the respondent to choose from - 0 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score.

Multiple-Choice -The Multiple-Choice format presents a question with up to 10 possible answer choices.

Note: Members can choose more than one of the answer options in the Multiple-Choice format, in addition to having the option to add free-text answers to the questions.

Likert scale - Members can choose from 5 options, from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. 

Follow-up Questions - With the Opinion Scale, Multiple-Choice, or Likert scale options, you can add a follow-up question. The same rules about anonymity apply to see the anonymous qualitative answers.


Follow-up questions are meant to gather more information and enable you to understand what’s happening. You can easily identify possible improvement areas or find out what’s going well so they can continue doing more of what works!

Note: If you need to leave the page or log out, make sure to click Continue at the bottom of your page to ensure your active Poll is saved. 


This will ensure that you don't have to recreate your questions once you access your Poll as your last changes will have been saved and your existing Custom Poll will be found under the Drafts tab.



Create a Custom Survey from a Template

Choosing to create your survey from a Template will give you access to a wide variety of curated templates made by Officevibe, the templates other managers in your organization have shared, or templates you have saved for yourself! 

To create and save a template, follow these steps: 

  • Click on (+ New Custom Survey).
  • Screen_Shot_2021-08-05_at_11.45.14_AM.png
  • Fill in your questions from scratch or edit a current template.
  • Click “Continue”; This will automatically save your survey as a which will save as a draft.
  • Screen_Shot_2021-08-05_at_11.44.37_AM.png
  • Go back to the Custom Poll main page.
  • Click into the Drafts tab.
  • Click on the 3 dots and Save it as a Template.


  • You will have the choice to save it as a personal template (available for you only) or as a public template (available to the whole org)
  • Now you will be able to easily find your saved and shared templates when you choose to create a new Custom Survey from a template. 

Screen_Shot_2021-08-05_at_11.46.52_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-08-05_at_11.48.29_AM.png


Audience & Permissions

As an Executive Manager, you can select if you want the Custom Survey to appear as coming from you, the Creator (ex. Angie would like to know...), or from the Organization (ACME would like to know...). Team managers can only send Custom Surveys to their teams, so their Audience is restricted to them. 

This is where you can also choose your Audience - Who you want the Custom Survey to go to. You can either select "Everyone" to send the survey to everyone in the Organization, or to specific teams. To send to multiple teams, begin typing the name of the team you wish to add. This will prompt a drop-down with possible teams that you can add. Keep typing in their names until all are added.


You can choose the Permissions for the Custom Survey or who should have access to the results. 

Open: Any Team Manager in charge of a Team targeted by this poll can view the results for their Team (and sub-Teams). Those with access to all of the Teams within the Audience can edit and archive the Poll.

Closed: Allows Executive Managers to block all access to Team Managers. Only Executive Managers can view, edit, and archive the Survey.


Advanced filtering 

When an organization has launched multiple custom surveys it can be difficult for a Manager to find the survey they are looking for. This filtering option provides the Manager with more options to filter the list of surveys.

Filter by creator will help Managers find the survey they created.



Filter by completion rate (more or less than 75%) will help identify the survey to analyze or to send a reminder for. 



Delivery Options

Once you've created and scheduled your Custom Survey, you can review it before you launch. When sending a Custom Survey, you can either send it right away, at the end of the next Officevbe Survey, or at the end of a survey at a scheduled date.

Right Away - The Poll will be sent to the selected audience right when you press Send. It will be apart from the regular Officevibe Surveys.

End of Next Survey - All Custom Surveys will be sent out at the end of the employee's next Survey. Since employees can choose which day they prefer to receive their surveys in their Personal Settings, they won't all receive them on the same day.

Scheduled Date - All Custom Surveys will be sent at the end of the surveys from the date selected. Since employees can choose which day they prefer to receive their surveys in their Personal Settings, they won't all receive them on the same day.


Note: While creating your custom poll, you can click on the Preview button at the bottom to see what your Custom Poll will look like. You can actually answer the questions (results will not be saved).

Note: In the preview function in Custom Surveys, you have to answer the main question for the follow-up question to populate. When the Follow-up Question populates, you can press skip to get to the next question, and then you will be able to see all of the follow-up questions in the custom poll.

Important: If you have opted for the Officevibe Communications via Microsoft Teams integration via your Officevibe account, Custom Surveys will not be sent via the MS Teams bot but rather will be sent to the registered email addresses.   


View Results

To preserve anonymity, we have put in the following rules:

  • 3 people must answer any multiple choice or scale questions before you can see the results.
  • 5 people have answered any text-based questions before you can see those results. 
    Read more about anonymity here.

You can access and view the Results for each question through your dashboard. You can also review the participation statistics to know what percentage of questions have been answered, skipped, or have yet to be answered. You also have a recap of how many teams were targeted by the survey, who created it, and the date the Custom Survey was activated. There's also the date on which the Report was generated.



Filtering Your Results

If the Custom Survey was sent to multiple Teams, you can view the results by Team (based on your permissions). Simply choose a team in the top right-hand corner.



Exporting Your Results

At any time, you can export the Custom Survey results as an Excel file. You will be able to see the Custom Survey stats on the first tab along with the initial feedback left, and on the second tab, you will be able to see the distribution of results and the feedback on the follow-up questions.



Additional Options

Depending on the access level selected and your permissions, your dashboard will give you access to several additional options that are available through a drop-down menu accessible by the three dots at the end of the line of the questionnaire in question.


Send Reminder: At any time after a Custom Survey has been sent out, you can choose to send a reminder to those who have not yet responded.

Edit: You can edit an open Custom Survey should you need to at any time. If the Custom Survey was already sent out, the edits will only appear for those who have not yet responded. That being said, adding any questions to your Custom Surveys or changing the audience is not possible once the survey has been sent out.

DuplicateTo send out the same Custom Surveys multiple times, you can choose Duplicate on any Poll. This will allow you to send out a Custom Survey again without having to populate the data all over again!

Archive: This option allows you to archive the Custom Survey once you are done collecting the data and you no longer want the Custom Poll to be sent out or accessed.