Managing Survey Frequency

Officevibe will, by default, send out 5 questions to all employees every week. Only an Administrator or Executive Manager can change the frequency to every two weeks (10 questions) or monthly (20 questions).

This is an Organizational setting, not a team or individual setting, so all members of an account will be on the same frequency. 

Note: The initial onboarding survey that new members get with their Officevibe invitation is always 10 questions (for the monthly frequency, the onboarding Survey is 20 questions) to cover each of the 10 key metrics of engagement. After the first survey, the number of questions will depend on the survey frequency you chose for the organization.

How To:

  1. Click at the top-right of the page, then click Officevibe at the bottom-left of the page that appears.
  2. Click Surveys.
  3. Adjust the frequency of your account's pulse survey and any other desired settings (survey language and how to Customize Questions.)
  4. Click the Update button to save your changes.

You cannot change the default number of questions in the selected Pulse Survey frequency. The number of questions per frequency is pre-set by Officevibe and is not changeable.

When will members receive their surveys? 

Members can choose which day of the week, the time of day, and the preferred delivery method when receiving their surveys. If they do not choose a day/time/method, Officevibe will send their surveys randomly throughout the week, each cycle.

Each user will receive a unique survey, different from their colleagues, based on the algorithm determined by their answering history. No two surveys will be alike.