Integrations Available With Workleap Officevibe

To allow for easier deployment of Officevibe and for a streamlined member management process, you have the option to choose between several platforms to integrate with your Workleap Officevibe account: 

Integrations Overview


You can manage your integrations by going into Settings > Integrations. You will need to be an Administrator in Officevibe and an Administrator of your company's internal software.

You will have access to different features based on which tab you are on when you click Configure for an integration:

Tab Summary Details
Connected apps Apps that you've already integrated with.  
Provisioning Add and Remove employees daily. Officevibe will invite new employees that were added to your system and deactivate employees that were removed from your system. Some integrations will allow you to assign the employees to the correct team(s).
  • All permissions are managed manually in-app. 
  • You can only use one provisioning method at a time. 
  • The sync will overwrite manual changes made in-app (invite, deactivate employees).
  • All your members need to be on the same system, or else they will get deactivated daily by the sync. 
  • You can decide if you want to sync everyone from your system or only specific groups/channels. 
  • Only the Bamboo HR integration will sync users' proprieties. 
  • You have access to the history for each sync in case you wish to investigate errors or confirm changes were made (Settings > Integrations > Provisioning > View History).
Single sign-on This option will let your employees access their account without typing in a username/password.
  • The Organization Settings section can enforce the Single Sign-On (SSO) for security reasons. 
  • You can have more than one SSO setup at the same time. 
  • Not everyone needs to be on your system. Some employees can log in manually and others can use the SSO if you don't enforce it (see above). 
  • SSO will only work if the employee's email matches your system and Officevibe. 
  • The ability to enable the Forced SSO option. (This toggle allows you to disable the password log for your members if you have a Single Sign-On integration active.)
Communications This option will use the specified system as the default communication channel for notifications sent by Officevibe (e.g., surveys, new feedback, 1-on-1, etc.)
  • Each employee can change their preference in their Personal Settings. 
  • This setting applies to all teams on Officevibe. 
Feedback notifications This option will publish the feedback notifications for managers in a specific Slack channel. It is only available with the Slack integration at the moment. 
  • By default, notifications are sent by email.