CSV file Import

Officevibe clients with paid plans can invite Members and create Teams in bulk into Officevibe using this procedure: Importing Members in Bulk (Paid Plan Option).

Uploading a CSV file allows you to automatically: 

  • Invite your members, create your teams, and put your members into their respective teams.
  • Restructure your current teams.
  • Deactivate/Reactivate a list of employees. 

It will not give access to Team Managers, but you can manage the permissions for each manager in-app after the upload. 

1. Create the .csv file

To begin, you will need to access your organizational structure, which you can get from an internal HR/Payroll system. If you don't have access to this in your organization, you can ask managers to send a list of team members with their team names.

Here's an example: 


You can create your file by opening an excel document and formatting it as follows:

  • Column A – Email address (Emails can be business or personal and different domains can be used)
  • Column B – First name
  • Column C – Last name
  • Column D – Job title (optional, if you choose not to add job titles, leave this column blank - don't delete it)
  • Column E – Picture link (optional, if you choose not to add picture URLs, leave this column blank - don't delete it)
  • Column F - Immediate Team / Manager for each member

Here is a template to help you get started: CSV Template

Keep in mind: 

  • The email field must be valid in format, but any email domain is allowed.
  • The team, first, and last name fields are limited to 50 characters.
  • The job title field is limited to 255 characters.

Here is how your Excel document should begin to look when you start populating the information: 


Before saving the file, please remove all headers. Row A should include the information of the first employee.

Once you are done entering the details for everyone into your file, you can save a CSV UTF-8.

2. Upload the .csv file

By uploading your file, you will automatically create your teams and invite new employees listed in the file. The system will immediately send invitations to the new employees containing a link to their first survey. 

If the employees were already in the system with the same email, a new invite would not be sent; They would simply be put into the Teams as reflected in your document.

Navigate to this link to upload your file on the platform: https://app.officevibe.com/api#/import 

Once you have selected the file to be uploaded, you will be brought to the following screen, where you have the option to perform a few tasks: 


 If this is your first upload, you don't need to check any boxes. 

If you wish to perform a change in the account, the system will prompt two options to pick from: 

Option 1: Replace existing teams

This option is useful if you wish to restructure the teams after an organizational change. 

By checking the first box, you will update the existing team structure on the platform. Teams will be updated with the correct Members as long as the team has the exact same name. Teams that are not present in the file will be left untouched. 

Option 2: Reactivate or deactivate employees

This option is useful if you need to reactivate or deactivate Team Members in bulk. 

By checking the second box, the system will deactivate all the Members currently active that are not present in the uploaded file blocking them from accessing the tool and receiving future surveys. If the employee in the file is already deactivated in Officevibe, the system will reactivate this employee.

3. Replicate your organizational structure by combining Teams together

After the upload, you will have an updated list of Team Members and Teams on Officevibe. New employees will be getting their surveys as part of the invitation process. From there, you'll want to replicate the different levels of your organizational structure. 

Go to the settings on the top-right of the application and select Teams to see the list of all Teams imported.

From the Manage teams section, you can filter the list by: 

  • Team: Name you gave to the Team in your .csv file
  • Members:  Number of employees include in the team
  • Sub-teams: Number of sub-teams include in a bigger team
  • Manager: Number of Managers that have access to the team
  • Created on: Date on which the team was created

You can use sub-teams in Officevibe to replicate the hierarchy that you have within your organization. That way, you can have specific reports for your own company reality.

Click on the blue 'Create Team' button on the top right of the Manage Teams section.

You will then need to choose the team name, the team managers, and which sub-teams or members will be part of this new team. You can also color code this new team.


Managers will be able to filter scores per sub-teams. This will allow them to better support their direct reports in achieving their goals. 


4. Give access to Team Manager(s)

Empowering Managers to build strong relationships with their Team Members is key in Officevibe. A Team Manager can access the results for the team below him in the Officevibe hierarchy. Review the different access levels here: Members' Roles & Access Rights.

To assign Managers, you will want to click on the Team and add the name of the Managers(s) under the second box.     

Once you have entered the name of the manager(s) that should have access to the team, you can press "Update Team."  Now managers have visibility into this Team's results, scores, and comments!


5. Keep the Teams and Members up to date after the initial upload

You can monitor the members that have accepted the invitations by going into your Organizational Settings > Members. Then click Add filter and select Status > Active. Here is where you will see everyone that has accepted the invitation to your account!  Note that the invitation link will expire after 5 days. If so, you can send a reminder to the employees who haven't accepted the invitation via the Invited tab.


You can monitor participation via the Participation graph at the bottom of the Report section. Remember that taking action, replying to feedback, and setting goals with regular touch base is key to maintaining a strong participation rate over time. We recommend taking a look at the Manager's Toolbox.


If you are looking to restructure the teams or update the Team Members list, you can upload a new file. Refer to Step 2 of this article and pick the option that fits your need!

If you want to update the user's proprieties for Segment analysis, please refer to this article: Officevibe Members' Properties.