What Surveys Look Like - Try it for Yourself!

Officevibe pulse Surveys help you collect meaningful insights and honest feedback to help you proactively turn issues into conversations, and conversations into solutions. With short, weekly (bi-weekly or monthly), automated Surveys, we help Managers immediately identify areas of opportunity as well as their team's strengths. Just talking about it makes us feel like better leaders!

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What the Surveys Look Like

Officevibe Surveys are meant to be simple, interactive, and fun to do. We've included different types of questions, so employees can express themselves in various ways. Below, we've included several images that take you through the different types of questions.


Survey Question Email (default)Email_EN.jpg


Multiple ChoiceMC_EN.jpg


Two-way Slider Opinion ScaleTWOS_EN.jpg


Opinion ScaleOS_EN.jpg


Star RatingS_EN.jpg


Likert ScaleLS_EN.jpg


Follow-up question

For one out of the 5 questions, your employees will be prompted to leave feedback via a follow-up question.



What comes after a Survey

So what happens once employees have answered their Officevibe questions? Great question! We've designed a Survey exit screen that allows employees to contribute their opinion on topics that are relevant to them within their current context.

Here’s what it looks like: 


When they reach the Survey exit screen, employees are thanked for sharing their thoughts and reminded that they can choose on what day, at what time, and in which language they can receive their surveys by clicking on Edit Settings.

If employees want to leave additional feedback or suggestions, they can do so by clicking on "I'd like to share feedback or a suggestion". They can also choose to click on "I'd like to give my opinion on a specific topic". By doing this, they will be able to choose a topic for which they want to answer additional questions (5 questions to be exact). We show you what that looks like below:


Try surveys for yourself!

If you are already logged into your Officevibe account, you can also access the white "Take my Survey" button via the Feedback tab on the left-hand menu, in order to complete your Officevibe Pulse Survey.