Change Members' Email Address

If your account currently has a daily sync set up, we recommend deactivating the sync before updating the emails to avoid duplicates.

To change an employee's email address within your Officevibe account, you'll need to access Microsoft Excel to create a CSV file to make the necessary modifications.

The CSV is the format under which you will need to save your Excel file. More specifically, the following: CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited)(. CSV). 

We promise this will be the easiest CSV file you'll ever create! Your file will only need to include two columns, column A and column B.

In column A, you'll input the member's old email address, and in column B, the member's new email address. No headers, no additional info!

You will then upload it using the following link:



This action can only be performed by an account Administrator and is only available in a paid plan version of Officevibe. If you're using the free version, fill out this request form to get in touch with our Support team. The Support team will be able to add a free 7-day trial to your account, allowing you to move forward with all email updates needed in your account.