Invite Members to Workleap Officevibe

In this article, we’ll review the basics of inviting your team members. Before notifying the employees make sure: 

  1. Workleap Officevibe is configured (Organization Settings, Managing Survey Frequency). 
  2. Validate with your IT team the requirements (IT Requirements to Use Officevibe).
  3. Announce the arrival of Officevibe with a communication (templates). 
  4. Review the training materials (Manager's Toolbox).

Check out our detailed launch guide for more information. 

Invite your members

When you invite members, their Officevibe account will be created. All they have to do is accept and confirm their details. You can manually invite a member via the left-hand menu or via Settings > Members. 


If this is your first time inviting employees, you can prevent the invitation email from going out via the Settings > Organizational details section. This will allow you to create everyone's profiles and teams before sending the invitation.  

To invite your members to Officevibe, you can go about it in three different ways: 

Administrators can grant advanced permissions to managers to let them invite new employees to Officevibe.

The invitation email

When your team receives the Officevibe invitation email, each member will get a link to set up their account. This takes 5 minutes or less.

  • Each member will enter their full name if you are inviting them through email.
  • Each member can confirm their preferred language.
  • We will give them a quick intro to Officevibe.



The first survey

If you already launched the Pulse Survey, each member you invite will also get their first survey.

The first survey includes 10 questions if you chose to send them weekly or bi-weekly. It will include 20 questions if you chose the monthly frequency. 

The first survey is independent of a regular survey. This means that the first regular survey will go out the week after accepting the invitation. 

Here are some useful information about surveys: 

Send reminders

Ideally, your team will take 2-3 days to accept the invitation. The faster they accept, the quicker you can start getting the pulse!

You can send a reminder to members who have an invite pending status, via Settings > Manage members section.

After 7 days, the invitation link will expire and you'll need to send a reminder to generate a new one. 

What's next?

Inviting employees to participate in surveys is the first step into your Officevibe journey. As you see trends build up and new feedback submitted, it will be important to take action on the results. Here are some useful resources to help you get the most out of Officevibe: 

Contact us at if you have any questions!