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Officevibe is made not only for managers but also for team members! In this article, we’ll teach you the basics of inviting your team. 

It’s important to invite your members early on. Officevibe runs on your team’s participation! When you take the time to invite everyone, you’ll get accurate engagement data faster. Plus, it will reflect how everyone feels rather than just a portion of your team. 


The importance of anonymity

At Officevibe, we see anonymity as a way to give your team a safe space for honest conversations. That’s why we’ve put some rules in place for us to keep every team members’ identity protected and their survey answers anonymous. It’s good to consider these rules when you are inviting members:

  • You need to invite at least 3 members to launch your Pulse Survey.
  • You need at least 3 members to answer the survey for you to see survey results.
  • Anonymous feedback will be visible only when 5 members from that team have accepted your invitation.

Learn more about these rules in Officevibe & Anonymity.


Announce the arrival of Officevibe

The first thing on your list is to let your team know about Officevibe and set expectations on how you plan to use it.

You can use these templates and send them as an email, Slack message, or your preferred communication channel! 


Invite your members

When you invite members, their Officevibe account will be created. All they have to do is accept and confirm their details.

To invite your members to Officevibe, you can go about it in three different ways: 


1. From the main page

On the left-hand side menu, you’ll see a list of members. Click the (+) button to invite members. This list will update as you invite more members.


When you click on this button, choose a method to invite your team:

  • Invite by email: Send email invitations. You can keep track of these newly invited members under the Invited tab of the Manage members page in your organization's settings (Employee Status).
  • Sync with Slack: Import members from a Slack channel. 
  • Import in bulk (Premium): Fill out and upload our template for your members to be invited automatically. Invitations will be sent to these team members as soon as the upload is completed. You can learn more about this process here. 



Note: If you want to invite all your members and create all your teams in bulk at the same time, there's another way. Please refer to Creating your .CSV File to Structure Teams & Invite Members in Bulk.


2. From your settings

By clicking on the Settings icon (in the top right corner of the page), you can access your organization's settings and the page to manage your members.

Click on Invite members to enter a member’s email address (business or personal) through the invite screen. These team members will be in the Invited tab of your Manage members page that you can access from your Settings (Employee Status).



3. From an integration 

For an easier deployment of Officevibe and a streamlined member management process, you have the option to choose between several platforms to integrate with your Officevibe account. To see if your organization has a tool that can be connected to Officevibe, check out the list of integrations available.

Note: We recommend that you choose the integration platform with the most information on your employees and the one closest to your organization’s structure if you use several of these types of software internally.


The invitation email

When your team receives the Officevibe invitation email, each member will get a link to set up their account. This takes 5 minutes or less.

  • We will give them a quick intro to Officevibe.
  • Each member will enter their full name if you are inviting them through email.



Note: Make sure Officevibe emails aren't labeled as spam or blocked by meeting the IT requirements. 


The first survey

If you already launched the Pulse Survey, each member you invite will also get their first survey.

Regardless of the selected survey frequency, the first survey always contains 10 questions which take approximately 5 minutes to answer. This is how the first survey works:

  • We will guide them through their first survey and explain how it works.
  • Each question will be tied to one metric of engagement for you to get a complete view of your team.
  • No member will get the same set of questions. Survey questions are sent in random order and will always be different for everyone in your team.

What to do next?

Ideally, your team will take 2-3 days to accept the invitation. The faster they accept, the quicker you can start on getting the pulse!

You can send a reminder to members with a pending confirmation from the Manage members section in your organization's settings.



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