Workleap Officevibe Learning Center

Workleap Officevibe’s Pulse Surveys measure your Team’s engagement across 10 Key Metrics – but we want to make sure you know how to act on and improve your results as well. That’s why you’ll find case studies, analyses, and how-to articles designed to improve your Metrics in our Learning Center.

You can access the Learning Center when selecting one of the recommended actions for boosting your metrics.

Browse the Library

Tap into a library of Management & HR advice from the world’s experts, with recommendations directly within Officevibe. You can easily access content that will help you improve your metrics. Officevibe will also select some content that you may be interested in, based on previous articles you've read. 


Recommended Articles built into your Metric Reports

When looking at the trends for the individual metrics in your report, you may see some article suggestions which have been prompted by Officevibe based on your scores. They may not appear on all the metrics, but on ones we think you may want to take action on! 

Once you have learned more about the metrics you are looking to take action on, we recommend sending a Custom Survey to deep-dive into the metric and find out how to act with your team.