Sharing Officevibe Results with Your Team within Workleap Officevibe

Improving a team’s engagement and performance lies in the hands of each member. Share this responsibility with your team!

With Workleap Officevibe, Managers can share the real-time Engagement metrics with all Team Members who belong to their team. Sub-Teams reports are not shared by default, so they must be shared individually.

As an Executive Manager, you can share the All Organization Engagement Report with every employee and any team Engagement report with the team members.

If you are a Team Manager, you can share your Engagement report with your team whenever you like.

How to Share Results with my team?


Select a team from your Survey Report from the All Organization view dropdown and click on the Share button. We strongly believe that data is empowering, and by sharing Reports, employees will be driven to be a part of the solution.

Note: If you click on a team from the team list on the left-hand side of the screen, the Share button will not be visible.

You can decide to stop sharing the Report at any time by repeating the same process.

What will Employees See?

If you've chosen to share a Report, team members will see a new section appear in their account. When they log in, they'll see the shared Teams on the left-hand menu and will be able to see a list of what has been shared with them. They can select the team they wish to view by clicking on it.

They will have access to the report page and the detailed graphs for each of the 10 Key Metrics. They won't see the breakdown of the questions and the distribution of eNPS answers, nor will they see the team's feedback. All sensitive information is only accessible by the Team Manager or the Executive Manager. They'll be able to see if there are any goals for that team. At the end of the page, they can see the managers and team members.

Why should you discuss results with your team?

Visibility into the team’s results promotes alignment among team members and encourages conversations that may otherwise not happen.

We recommend sitting down with your team monthly to discuss results. Being transparent about what your strengths are as a team and what needs to be improved is important. The goal is to find solutions together.

If you are set up as a Manager in the system but also a member of another team, you can view the Reports shared with you by changing your view from Manager to Team Member (from the Home page).

Share your thoughts

Members can leave comments anonymously, and whoever created the link will be notified of the comment left. 


Note: There is no way to disable this feature in your Officevibe account, but should you want to delete comments that were left or have any questions, fill out this request form to get in touch with our Support team.

Revoke the links to Shared Reports

Managers can revoke the links to Shared Reports by selecting the View all shared reports option. 

Click the checkboxes from the Shared link list and then click Revoke. This will prevent the team members from accessing the revoked link(s) after the command is executed. 


We hope Data-answers all your questions! (See what we did there)?