Member Status & Sending Reminders

Within Officevibe, employees can cycle through four different statuses. You'll find the descriptions and differences between each of them below. This will provide you with a better understanding of what is going on within your account, but also allow you to better understand what others can see. 

You can access the Members list via the Settings section. Click on More FIlters to cycle through each status and/or role: 


Learn more about employee's roles and permissions: Members' Roles & Access Rights


Created Status (for manual invitations, bulk provisioning, BambooHR and Custom API integrations)

For manual invitations, bulk provisioning, BambooHR and Custom API integrations, you can create your members without inviting them yet into the platform if you toggle the option in your Settings > Organizational details section: 


This will allow you to confirm everything before notifying the employee. 

When you are ready to invite them into your account, you'll want to filter for all the members with this status, check the boxes next to their name, and hit the Invite button. 


If you are looking for assistance inviting employees, check out Invite Members to Officevibe!


Invited Status

Employees listed as Invited or invite pending have received an invitation to join Officevibe but have yet to accept. 

You can contact these employees to remind them to accept your invitation. By checking off the name of an employee, Administrators have the ability to contact them using the ''Send Reminder''.


Invitations to join Officevibe expire after 7 days for security reasons. If an invitation has expired, a new invitation can be sent by selecting the user(s) and clicking on the ''send reminder'' button. 


Active Status

Employees listed as 'Active' have accepted the invitation and are answering their Pulse Surveys on an ongoing basis. As long as a Member has answered at least 1 survey question in the last 30 days, they will be considered Active. You can be sure that Surveys are being successfully sent and completed by checking that members are in the Active status. 

An employee is always marked active for 30 days upon accepting the invitation. 


Inactive Status & Sending Reminders

When an employee has not answered at least 1 Survey question within the last 30 days, they will move to "Inactive" status. An Inactive employee will continue to get prompted with Surveys, as they are included in your billing.

Under the inactive status; Administrators, Executive Managers, and Team Managers have the ability to send Inactive employees a "Reminder" Email to participate. 


By checking off the name of an employee, you'll have the ability to contact them using the ''Send Reminder'' button. To avoid sending too many reminders, a reminder will not be sent if one was already sent in the past 14 days.

Administrators are the only ones in the account that can see the identity of inactive employees. 


If you are an Executive Manager or a Team Manager you will be able to send the Reminder Email to all of the Inactive members of your team(s).

You will see the total number of Active and Inactive members in your teams (In-app).

You will not see who is active or inactive, to protect anonymity.

You will need to select the concerned Team from the drop-down menu - More filters - Inactive and press the "Send Reminder" button to trigger the reminder email to your Inactive team members. 



An additional way for Team Managers to send reminders is through the participation report. If the participation percentage is within a certain threshold, you can choose to send reminders to your inactive members by clicking on the "Send reminders" button below the graph. 



You have the option to Customize your reminder message if you prefer; Otherwise, a generic participation reminder will be sent to the inactive users. 

Reminder_message.jpg Reminder_message_ACME.png


Deactivated Status 

Deactivating a member can be reversed easily and is not permanent. This is a suitable status for those who are on leave and do not need access to their Officevibe account or to be prompted surveys currently (ex. Those on parental leave, leave of absence, etc.).

Deactivated employees are Members whose historical data is still in the account (ex. Left the company, maternity leave, leave of absence, but no longer need to be part of Officevibe). Deactivated Members no longer count as active or inactive members of the platform, which means you are no longer being billed for them and they do not impact your participation score. 


When a Member is removed from a team/or listed as a Deactivated member, their responses provided while they were in their team(s) will remain but will trickle off within a random 15-30 day window (to protect anonymity). This will not affect historical data, only current scores.
Only Active and Inactive/In-App Members are included in the billing.

Restore a Member

When someone who has been deactivated returns to work, they can be easily restored and added to your billing again. This will automatically place them back into the Teams that they were in before they were removed and trigger their Officevibe surveys again.

You can restore a Deactivated Member by selecting the employee from the Deactivated list, checking the box to the left of the employee's name, and clicking on the blue Restore button. 


Only Officevibe Administrator can restore a Member's profile.


Delete a member

Deleting a member has no impact on your historical scores when you choose to hard delete a member. This is the best option if you know the employee is not coming back or if the email needs to be associated with another Officevibe account. 


Only Officevibe Administrator can delete a Member's profile.