Syncing with Yammer

To facilitate your account setup, we have created an Integration to allow you to manage part of your Officevibe account through Yammer. With this integration, you can automate the process of adding new employees, removing employees who have left the company and having your Teams synced by having Officevibe sync with your Yammer account. The Daily Sync feature will also remove any employees who are no longer in your Yammer account, from your Officevibe account. 

With the Yammer integration, you can: 

  • Add & Remove Employees
  • Synchronize your Teams
  • Setup Single Sign-On for easy login

Note: The integration must be set up by an Administrator or your Officevibe account 

1. Connect with Yammer

Go into the Integrations section, and to the right of Yammer under the Provisioning tab, click on the Configure button. You will then log in to Yammer. You will then be asked to enter your credentials and allow Officevibe to perform certain actions.

Note: If the login is not working, please review your permissions as you must be an admin of the Yammer account. 



Select Yammer and click on the Configure button.




2. Invite Teams from Yammer

You can either choose to invite everyone who is in Yammer to Officevibe or select specific Yammer Groups.



3. Link Officevibe Teams with Yammer groups (optional)

If you create teams in Officevibe, you can map them to your existing Yammer groups so new employees can automatically be added to the appropriate Officevibe team. If an employee is removed in Yammer, they will then be removed from the Officevibe group. To do so, enter the Yammer group name in the box. 

Note: You must first create your Officevibe Teams via your Organization Settings - Teams - click the blue Create Team button and then come to this page (under Integrations) to map them out.



4. Turn on the Daily Sync 

You're now all set to turn on the Daily Sync. To do so, you will click on the Save & Activate button at the bottom. The sync will then run the next day. 

Note: If you prefer to activate the sync right away without waiting for it to run, you are able to manually push the sync by clicking on the Start Synchronization button. This activation results in invitations being sent to those you set up in the sync.


Note: A sync can always be deactivated by clicking on the View Settings button and selecting the Deactivate button at the bottom.

5. Office 365 Single Sign-On (optional)

If you wish for your employees to be able to click on the Yammer button when logging in to be able to automatically log in with their Yammer credentials, you are able to activate Single Sign-On. If you have already logged in to your Yammer account, you will simply click on the Single Sign-on tab and the Activate button. As long as the emails match in Officevibe and Yammer, the employees can log in using the SSO button.

Note: Your employees will still be able to log in manually even if the SSO option is set up unless the Force SSO is turned on in the Organization's settings.