View Billing or edit your Subscription

To update the billing information associated with your Officevibe account (credit card, account holder, add members, etc.), click the EN_Settings_Icon.jpg icon at the top right corner of your home page – then choose Billing.  

This section is only available for Administrators.




Manage Billing

Take advantage of the possibility of managing your billing by clicking on the designated button in your Billing section. 

Via this section, you can: 

  1. View your detailed subscription.
  2. View your account balance.
  3. Download invoice PDFs.
  4. Edit your billing information.



Reaching your Member Quota & adding more Members to your subscription

As an Administrator, the following message may be visible to you: Your maximum capacity of members has been reached! This is to let you know that the number of users in your account has reached the limit of users billed for in your Subscription. 

For an annual subscription, you will need to manually update your subscription to reflect the number of members in your account.

Click on the EN_Settings_Icon.jpg at the top right-hand corner of your screen >  Billing > click on EN_Add_Users_Button.jpg. From here you can update the number of members you need to update your subscription for we will bill you for a prorated amount for the new users added to your account for the remainder of the subscription.

For a monthly subscription, your invoice will automatically be based on the users in your account.EN_Add_users.jpg

If you are looking to invite employees into your account, feel free to consult this article


Canceling Your Account

The Officevibe Administrator can cancel a plan at any time by clicking on EN_Cancel_Plan.jpg from the billing page. Your organization will not be refunded for the remainder of the purchased plan, as per our Terms of Service. 

For additional questions on this or to permanently delete your Officevibe account, fill out this request form to get in touch with our Support team.


Exporting your reports

We recommend having an Executive Manager export your reports prior to canceling your plan. They can do so from their home page.

Exportable reports:

  1. Pulse Survey Report
  2. Comparison report
  3. Feedback Report.

Each report will need to be exported individually. This feature is only accessible with a paid plan.