Creating & Managing Your Teams & Sub-Teams

In Officevibe, you can create teams to measure Employee Engagement based on location, department, reporting managers, etc. The possibilities are endless, especially considering employees can belong to multiple teams!

In order to filter results and feedback by the teams created, you will need to be on the paying/premium version of Officevibe. Click here to learn more about our plans and pricing.

Below, we explain how to manually add or make changes to your teams and members. If you wish to invite your members and structure your teams in bulk, please refer to this article.


Add New Team(s)

Go to the menu on the top-right of the application, click on your avatar, then click on Settings and you will be taken to the Admin dashboard. Select Teams. You can go ahead and click on the blue 'Create Team' button.



Add Members to a Team

You can simply type in the name of the member to add them to the Team. 

Note: To be able to view scores and other quantitative data, you will need to have a minimum of 3 active members in a team. To have access to anonymous feedback for a team, the minimum requirement is 5 members in a team. Click here to learn how Officevibe & Anonymity works.

When creating your Teams, please keep in mind that employee feedback can be viewed by anyone who has access to the data for all teams and they may be able to identify who wrote the feedback by filtering comments by the team. When an employer agrees to our Terms of Service they commit to use the platform appropriately and in an ethical manner. Using the Team feature to attempt to identify the author of a piece of Feedback would qualify as misuse, and go against our Terms of Service.

Note: If a member is removed from one Team and added to another, their historical data remains in their previous Team and they only begin impacting the results of the new team when they respond to a survey while in that team. This is because the day of the member's addition to the Team is considered "Day 1" for data collection, in the case of the new member. 


Assign or Remove Team Managers

To assign a member as a Manager of a team, you need to select the Managers tab within the team itself. Once there, you can simply type in the member's name. When the name appears and you've selected it, you simply need to click on the blue 'Update Team' button at the bottom. This update will automatically send an email to the Manager, advising them that they have been given access to the results of a team. 

A best practice is not to include the Manager of the team as a member, as their responses will impact the results. Having them as a Manager is sufficient for them to have access to the data. They'll be able to view and answer Feedback and as well as analyze reports only for the team(s) they manage - not for the overall organization. A Manager can be assigned to more than one team.

To remove a manager, simply press on the red 'Remove' button next to their name and click Update Team.



Remove Members from a Team

Members can be removed from a team simply by clicking on the red 'Remove' button.




Delete Team(s)

Teams can be deleted completely by going into a Team and clicking on the red 'Delete Team' link at the bottom.


Note: Deleting a team will permanently cause all Scores and Feedback related to that Team to be deleted. If employees are members of other teams, their scores and Feedback will remain for those other Teams.

Important: Officevibe has strict rules in place to preserve the anonymity of employees who choose to share Feedback. The possibility of having employees be a part of several teams could, if misused, compromise anonymity as Feedback will be displayed in each team a single person belongs to.

When an employer agrees to our Terms of Service they commit to use the platform appropriately and in an ethical manner. Using the Team feature to identify the author of a piece of Feedback would qualify as misuse and be against our Terms of Service.


Change a Team name 

As an Admin and/or Executive Manager, you can change your Team names as you please. 

You will need to start off with accessing your Organization settings to access your Teams. 



Once you have accessed your Teams, select the Team you want to update the name for and refer to the Team's third tab name Info

The Team name box will appear on that screen and that's where you will change it as well as the Team's colour scheme and access to the Team's creation date.


Like all the rest of the pages on our platform, once you have completed the name change, don't forget to click the Update Team button to secure your changes. 


Create your Sub-Teams

You can use sub-teams in Officevibe to replicate the hierarchy that you have within your organization. That way, you can have specific reports for your own company reality.

Click on the blue 'Create Team' button on the top right of the Teams section.

You will then need to choose the team name, the team managers, and which sub-teams or members will be part of this new team. You can also colour code this new team.


Once you're done, click on the blue 'Create Team' button on the bottom right.

Note: All sub-teams must first be created as teams in order to be able to add them as sub-teams within the main team.

You can go ahead and create as many layers of Team and Sub-Teams as you'd like.


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