Organization Settings

Ensuring your Organization Settings are updated is an important step in setting up your Officevibe account. To access this area, click on the Settings icon located on the top-right of the page and then Organizational Details. 

In this section, you will be able to update your: 

  • Company logo (220px X 80px)
  • Organization name
  • Industry Type
  • App language settings
  • Time Zone
  • Communication Settings
  • SSO Password Settings
  • Conversation Labels




Note: The last toggle option is accessible to administrators and only works for manual invites, bulk provisioning files, BambooHR, and Custom API.


1. Basic Information

You can upload an organization logo, organization's name by clicking on the picture, the industry type in which you're located. By defining the Industry type, you are contributing to the Benchmarking data specific to your chosen industry, which appears in the Comparison report. All of the data is anonymously aggregated. 


2. Preferred Languages

App Language allows updating the language in which the account/dashboard will be displayed and which will be used for invitations, notifications, reminders to participate, etc. English and French are available.

Note: Employees are able to select the language in which they prefer to receive their surveys, by going into their Personal Settings. The employee can choose to receive surveys in Spanish, Portuguese and German which are also available in addition to French and English.


3. Allow Members to Edit their Names


This toggle allows members to edit their first and last names as needed through their personal settings. 


4. Communications Toggle


This toggle allows you to control whether communications from Officevibe (Pulse Surveys, Daily Digests, and Weekly Summaries) get sent out. If you toggle this off, surveys will not send out automatically. Members can still. participate in Pulse Survey manually, however, by accessing the "Take Survey" button on their home page. 

You can see other options related to the Pulse Survey settings in that section of the settings. 


5. Create Members 


Toggle this last of the four options if you want to automatically invite your members to Officevibe once they are created. 

Note: This setting only applies to Bulk Provisioning and when inviting members manually. 


6. Conversation Labels

Finally, you can decide on your conversation labels, which are used by Executive and Team Managers to label and organize feedback. These can be defined by anything you would like to be able to tag your feedback by - Maybe suggestions for the organization, HR help, annual strategy, etc.

These labels will appear in the Feedback Report.

Note: Feedback labels are not visible to the author of a piece of feedback, so they are only visible to the Managers in an account. 



Don't forget to click on Update to save your changes!