Personal Settings

Everyone has a profile section on Officevibe where they can update their personal settings, including Language, Time Zone, Communication settings, and Password.

Learn more about the different access levels available in Officevibe here

In order to access your personal settings, you can log in and click on your avatar in the top right corner and select "My Profile". 

If you are a manager, you will click on your avatar in the top right corner and select Settings, then Profile on the left-hand side menu.




Personal Information

In the first section, you can edit your personal info and time zone. Note that you cannot change the email as this is considered your username and all of your data is linked to this email address.
Only administrators have the ability to modify a Team Member email.



Language Preferences

If you scroll down, you will be brought to the language preferences, where you can decide which language is best for your account:

  • App Language: The languages available in-app are English or French. This is a company setting that can only be set by an Admin. 
  • Survey Language:  The languages in which surveys will be sent are the following; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. This is a personal setting available to all Members of your Officevibe account.



Communication Preferences

This section is where you can select the best time to receive your Officevibe communications. All members in Officevibe have the ability to choose which day of the week, which time of day, and which delivery method best suits them to receive their Pulse Surveys. This is an individual setting, not a company one.

Your delivery method can remain on default (email to the address linked to your account, or a Slack / MS Teams integration - if set up), but you can also change it to send to your personal email address, or even have it texted to you via SMS. 

Here is where managers also have the ability to change the frequency of their feedback notifications. Lastly, this is where Executive Managers can opt out of the survey and become an observer for those who do not want to influence the scores of the Organization. 



By default, the Engagement email digest sent to the manager contains the Organization's report. In their Personal Settings, a Manager is able to select the specific team they prefer to receive Engagement Reports for. 



Change Password

The last section in your personal settings is where you can change your password. To modify your password you will be asked to enter the current password and confirm the new one.