Managing Your Members

The Manage Members section in your settings allows to you easily see the statuses of your account members, change their access levels and permissions, invite members manually, deactivate or delete members,

Everyone invited to Officevibe has their own profile where Admins and Executive Managers can find their personal information and update their accessibility permissions. Click into your Settings gear, and then into the Member and team management section, and click on MembersScreen_Shot_2021-07-30_at_10.58.13_AM.png


Edit Member Information

Basic Information: In this section, you can edit/add/or delete a profile picture, confirm which email address is being used in Officevibe, edit their first/last name, change their survey language and edit their job title. If you are an Administrator, you can assign permissions (Executive Manager or Administrator) and deactivate members.

Note: Admins can give assign anyone to Admin or Executive Manager, whereas Executive Managers can only assign others to Executive Managers. 

To assign someone as an Executive Manager and/or Administrator; go to your Organization Settings icon (top right-hand corner) - Click on Members under the Member and team management section - Select the member to update and toggle the respective slider. 

Remember that upgrading someone's access rights will give them visibility on potentially sensitive information. To read up on the different access levels possible in Officevibe, hop on over to this article: Member's Roles and Access Rights.

To learn how to assign someone the role of Team Manager, take a look at our article about Creating and Managing your Teams.

Once you've made the necessary changes, you simply need to click on the Update Profile button.



Below this section, you can manually assign properties (values) to each member to update the membership of your Segments. Find out how to assign these values in bulk here.


On that same page, you can see/edit the team(s) this member of or manages. Once you've made the necessary changes, you simply need to click on the Update roles.



You can also see when the Member was first invited to join Officevibe in the profile history at the bottom of the page.



How to see Members' Statuses (Admins only)

As an Administrator, you can see the statuses of your members in Officevibe, you can do so through the Manage Members section. Click into your Settings gear, and then into the Member and team management section, and click on Members. 

From here, you will now see all of the possible statuses that a Member can have in Officevibe from the drop-down: Invited, Active, Inactive, and Deactivated. On this page, you can also manually create a Member to be invited into your account, if you don't have a provisioning integration. 

Note: Managers are able to see the member invited into their teams, who is in their teams, and can send Reminders to inactive members, but are not able to see the identities of the Inactive members. 




Here is what each status means:

  • Invited: Someone who has been sent an invitation to join Officevibe but hasn't accepted it.
  • Active: Someone who's answered at least one Survey question in the past 30 days. 
  • Inactive: Someone has not answered at least one Survey question in the last 30 days. 
  • Deactivated: Someone who has been deactivated from Officevibe (no longer receiving Surveys, and no longer has access to the account).

Learn more about Employee Status here.


Deactivate Employees

If you have employees go on a leave of absence (ex. sick leave, maternity leave, etc.) or leave the company, you can Deactivate them. This will restrict their access to the platform, and stop them from receiving communications and surveys. Deactivated Members no longer count as Active Members of the platform, which means you are no longer being billed for them.

Should the employee return to work, they can always be restored and will then be included in the Billing again. When they are Restored, they will be automatically placed back in their team(s). 

An Administrator can deactivate employees at any time. You can deactivate them by going on their Profile (or find them in the Manage Members section), check the box to the left of the employee's name, and click on the Deactivate button.

Note: When a Member is deactivated from a team/or listed as a deactivated member, their responses provided while they were in their team(s) will remain, but will trickle off within a random 15-30 day window (to protect anonymity). This will not affect historical data, only current scores.



Restore Deactivated Employees

If a Deactivated employee returns to work after their leave, an Administrator can restore them to allow them access to the platform again. You simply have to select the employee from the deactivated list in the Manage Members section, check the box to the left of the employee's name and click on the Restore button. This will place them back into the Teams that they were in before they were deactivated and trigger their Officevibe surveys again. 


Hard Delete Members

With an Administrator and/or Executive Manager role, you can hard delete members directly on your end.

  1. Once logged in, click the Settings icon to access your Organization's settings (top-right corner of your homepage). 
  2. Select Members in the left pane of your Settings sections.
  3. Whichever tab you are under, click the checkbox by the concerned member's name and select the top-right red Delete button.
  4. A pop-up screen will appear, where you will need to type out CONFIRM DELETE (in all capital letters) to activate the red Delete member button.

Note: Once you delete members, it's important to understand that the action also permanently erases their profile data and the operation is irreversible.




Important Note: There are important things to keep in mind when considering hard deleting a member from your account. Please take a look at the list below; 

  • What happens when a member is hard deleted? The member's profile will be permanently deleted.  
  • There are no impacts on your historical scores when you hard delete a member. This is because all current (and past) scores are based on the last 90 days of responses. Therefore, when hard deleting a member from your account, their responses from the last 90 days are removed from the current score calculation but not removed from the calculation of scores on past dates because they are still relevant (since the member was then part of the account, it's important that their past responses remain).
  • Hard deleted members' Feedback responses do not get deleted: Anonymous feedback remains and the Feedback report will simply display anonymous employees. However, non-anonymous feedback is completely wiped out from the account along with the deleted member.
  • Feedback from a Team Manager remains: If the hard deleted member is a manager, any Feedback replies provided to Team members will be retained. However, the deleted manager's name will no longer appear and their replies will be identified as an unknown user. Their team members would still see their previous replies.


Export your Officevibe Member List 

If you have an Administrator role in your Officevibe account, you are able to export your members' list in the Member and team management section, which is accessible via the settings icon. 



Select the export button to confirm the operation when the popup appears. 


Important: The export button is not visible to Enterprise accounts with 5,000 members and more, in their Officevibe account.

If you have more than 5 000 users and need to export your member list, please reach out to our Support team with your request:


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